The Old Age
SHM | 23 Jun 2009

The old age comes as punishment to many people around us when we watch their behaviour

The old age comes as punishment for many when we watch their behaviour keenly. We have been observing one such old man for last few months from our room's window.For name sake letus call him Mr X.He is a retired person with very weak eyesight having two sons and a daughter all of them married and settled abroad.Our observation is keen when he is involved with small children especially girls.He is very popular among them as he distributes choclates and candies every now and then.While distributing choclates he is very particular on one girl who is hardly five or six years old.Mr X will lure her with a choclate and take her to the corner of his verandha.There his back will be towards us and the girl is hidden in his large frame body.Sometimes it can be observed that girl is sitting on his lap and the hand of Mr X is somewhere inside his sarong shaking. This has raised suspicion in mind of many of us but we are helpless as he being an elder citizen can not be blamed squarely about the exploitation,which we feel he is carrying out.
 This whole incident has again made us to think that are we indians oversexed or sexstarved people or we are not able to grow old gracefully.It is a sincere request to all out there to think about it and device a way to grow old gracefully and maturely.We are sure soon someday he will be caught and that day will ruin his as well as his kids reputation too. We don't know why people behave in this manner when they know that this is not acceptable behaviour by any standard.The only thing is that these kids are soft targets and hence poor kids are subjected to the exploitation unknowingly.