The PuzzleCar was launched
PUZZLECAR | 03 Dec 2008

Hello I’m delighted to announce you about my brilliant travel& advertise idea.The PuzzleCar ! The website was launched on 1st December so you can be first who writes about my idea. If is interesting for you feel free to contact me! Here is the addre


The PuzzleCar was launched

The idea it’s simple simple: You help us to fulfill our dream and we drive your message worldwide ! We try to make some money by selling 100,000 cm2 ad space on our car for $9,9 per cm2 .When you buy our space you can post a draw , logo , picture or message on the car and we will make it known from the most crowded to the most wildest places on earth.
The PuzzleCar space is available in 10cm2 pieces (each measuring 2cm by 5cm ) and is
divided in 10,000 of these 10cm2 pieces ——>100,000 cm2.We choose to sell the space in 10cm2 pieces because anything smaller would be too small to display something meaningful.

So, everyone who has a message for the world is welcome to buy our pieces. The minimum is $99 ( 1 piece=10 cm2 )and maximum is whatever is left ( see stats on the signpost).
Your choice will be displayed on the car around the world for 100,000 kilometers minimum
but our goal is to keep the PuzzleCar on roads as long as is humanly possible. You have the chance to express yourself around the world and we are delighted to help you!
+ Your link trough to your website on the PuzzleCar homepage for 3 years guaranteed !
For every piece that you purchase you can choose a character that will make the connection between puzzlecar homepage and your website.