The Qawwali at Gandhi Nagar
Naim Naqvi | 14 Jan 2013

Gandhi Nagar, Jan 11, 2013, CM Narendra Modi blasted the Union government for its pessimistic outlook to economic development in a gathering of richest of the country and few from abroad. Mukesh Ambani rose to compliment Modiji – “In Narendra Bhai, we have a leader with a grand vision….Gujarat has been a pioneer state in infrastructure ..” He was followed by his younger brother – “Modiji King of Kings…”. He catapulted Modi to the same platform as Gandhi and Sardar Patel. Other fat pockets laid it thick to the best of their words. It was a party with a difference.

Being a student of German history my memory transported me back to the rise of Hitler in 1920’s and 30’s. NSDAP (National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei) was learning to toddle.  National Socialist German Workers Party was a product of far-right racist vokisch German nationalist Movement. The party was supposed to counter the rise of communism in Germany. In its first phase it was anti-big business but later it transmuted into a puppet of big-business. Hitler’s rise to power is attributed to big German capitalists Ernst von Borsig, Envil Kirdrof, Ruhr Industrialist Fritz Thyssen and Otto Dietrich. They were the financial pillars of the new order.

Fritz Thyssen donated 100,000 gold marks to NSDAP in 1923 through Gen Erich Ludendroff ‘to use it as best as he could.” That went to NADAP coffers. On Jan 26, 1932 Hitler delivered a speech to German’s richest gathering at Dusseldorf Industrial Club. He acknowledged the support of big business – the elite of die Wirschaft who came to hear him. Dietrich described the impression of Hitler’s speech: ‘so far as they deserve the name, was profound and became evident in the ensuing difficult month of struggle’. History reveals that in Republica Germany (previous to Hitler’s rule) big business disapproved and detracted the menace of ‘Sozialpolitik’- the concept of Welfare State. They always supported the burgeois center-right parties DVP, DDP and DNVP. They held Democracy in deep disdain as, they felt, it would jeopardize the privileged position they enjoyed under defunct Imperial Order.

They didn’t realize at that time that they were cherishing a serpent in the bosom. They were nurturing a plant whose shadows would darken the civilizations for decades to come with unmatched destruction ever witnessed in human history.

Now let us come back to present day Gujarat. At the top of a menswear store in Ahmedabad sits a sign that proudly proclaims the name of HITLER with a tilted Swastika sign. According to the owner Mr. Rajesh Shah Hitler was a ‘good catchy’ name. He has, according to him, picked us this name for shock value. “I have not hurt any sentiments…I’ve read his autobiography and like some of his ideas.”

A pool parlor in Nagpur is called ‘Hitler’s Den”. Baljit Singh owns it. He thinks that the unique name has a recall value.

In modern Indian where few business houses control the real sinews of power, where the rich of west-end keep a safest distance from the poor east-enders, where a indoor toilet is supposed to boost the moral of women, where cadavers are picked every day from the road after the wintry night, where divide between rich and poor is so wide that it can’t be described in words, we can’t afford to have a system which supports the richest of the rich – who are unaware of the dark  that lie beyond the Shining India.

It is an open secret that Guru Golwalker was a great admirer of Hitler’s ideology. In fact, RSS is modeled after Hitler’s youth. Nathuram Godsey was a fellow traveler of RSS. Modi is an embodiment of RSS ideology.

You can draw your own parallels and concclusions from history of recent Gujarat and the Rise and Fall of the third Reich. Indians have to look at the coming storm. Take the measures to stop the cancer of Fascism before it is too late.