The real impact of Indian movies
ISHA SHARMA | 25 Feb 2011

Indian movies have always had an impact on audiences. However the parameters vary - be it fashion, songs, or lifestyle.

IT MAY be in the form of influence on dress and styling, or influence on lifestyle. The sphere is immeasurable. However the latest impact the Indian movies have had on not only the audiences but their thinking and vision too is on the changing trends in the field of occupation and career.
The time where the son’s were meant to be either an “ENGINEER” or “DOCTOR” has fled long time back now. And girls were meant to be “Burden” and were married off early in order to get rid of the “Burden”. But that time has passed and now we have a different story to tell. Thanks to Indian cinemas which on a minuscule has been successful in enlightening the audiences. For instance, in the movie Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, where preity zinta plays a role of a successful and stylish MAGAZINE editor in a company has shown and influenced millions of girls who then wanted to be as STYLISH, as TRENDY as her working as an editor.
Not only the girls but boys too were convinced with the role Arjun Rampal plays in the same. Long went the time when the parents had limited options to chose for their children. Now the radius and Alma meter has differed. Then there were flood of youth-centric films where the roles that the actors played became a benchmark for the viewers. Some of the memorable films which were very successful in influences the masses were “wake up sid” where the male protagonist RANBIR KAPOOR was forced by his dad to handle his family business but he protested and then ended up landing being a successful PHOTOGRAPHER. And Konkona Sen Sharma too plays a successful writer.
After seeing the films many youths and also the parents may have realised the meaning of “CORREcT CHOICES MADE AT THE CORRECT TIMES” which ultimately makes a lot of difference. The movie was followed by another BLOCKBUSTER which broke all the RECORDS at the box-office, “3 Idiots” the movie became a SUPER-HIT not just because of its Powerful star cast or story line but also because it showed the correct paths to many of the parents when they were pressurising their sons and daughters to be another DOCTOR or an ENGINEER.!
It was a type slap on the weak education system of India. Also one of the lead who was persuing engineering just because his “DAD” wanted too, at the end lands up living his dream as a “WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER”. It’s high time that now the parents understand that they must leave the choices in the hands of their parents and must keep on supporting them in every decision their kids make as the support makes a lot of difference! Another super-hit of the year 2010-“BAND BAAJA BAARAT” has shown a whole different way to the youths of perusing their careers in the field of “EVENT MANAGEMENT and especially wedding planning’s.
The movie is so colourful and trendy that it woos the audiences to a great extent. Both the film’s leads have played a happening DUO managing a small scale wedding planning company which later due to their hard work and dedication converts to a SUCCESSFUL company! Other recent releases like NO ONE KILLED JESSICA where Rani Mukerji plays the role of a fearless and BOLD Journalist, may have changed perspectives of many protective parents who always barred their daughters from joining the field of JOURNALISM as thinking it to be a riskier and a BOLD job. But now the girls have all reasons to be happy! This shows us a very clear picture of how deeply Indian Movies have been successful in effecting our lives and perspectives!