The Real Story behind SHAHID KAREENA break up
ISHA SHARMA | 24 Mar 2011

Love birds Shahid and Priyanka broke up and left the audience in deep sadness and disspointmnet.What lead the DUo to end their relationship? Lets see

The rumors of SHAHID-PRIYANK break up is old now and people are still speculating so as what led to an abrupt end to such a relationship where all fans were happy to see this couple together and making public appearances together too. And the situation between them is such that there is no scope of them to be back together as a couple. They have supposed to have broken up in early February and its since that time that there has been no connectivity between them, not even text exchanges or phone calls. And Shahid has not even bothered to watch Priyanka’s last release 7 Khoon maaf,which is indeed shocking.

Close friends of the love birds reveal that there are couple of factors attached to such a halt in their relationship as, from the very beginning of their relationship, they had some or the other sort of compatibility issues. They are totally different as a individual. They have contrasting character traits such as Shahid is a humble, protective and a very private person whereas priyanka is a complete opposite being a casual, out-going and a dominant individual which led to such an end to their relation. And before this ultimate major break-ups there already had been fights and minor break-ups for about 5-6 times but they compromised and resolved each time but this time it did not happen. The relationship lacked stability and that’s what brought it to a dead END. After a major fight in November , it was the last time couple decided to make an effort to make things happen between them, but it didn’t actually happen.So,they ended it. But Shahid felt awkward as they both are to work in a Kunal Kohli’s film together and facing each other after a break-up won’t be an easy task at all. But still SHahid has mentally prepared himself as he is cool with it,as he will take it as a professional commitment and other thinks won’t matter.