The Red House
writer4014 | 03 Nov 2008

Story of the Old Red House in Baliya...........


The Red House

This is a tale of the township of Baliya near Varanasi in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. That was the most horrendous night of my life, I am myself a bystander of all this which I am going to tell you. It was a friend's sister's marriage who used to stay near to my residence, just adjacent to my house there were two more houses and the Big Red house. How can I overlook that house, its depiction is still clear in my eyes as it was 20 years ago.

I was a tiny adolescent, that time scarcely 9 or 10. My friend who's name was Sonu, his sister who was getting married, her name was Sheila, and this Red house (as people used to call it) was rented by Sonu's dad for shiela's grooms family and relatives to stay for the marriage night (in India marriages take place in night at least until 3 am). The Red house was three floors tall and was not opened by anyone since 15-16 years. I went on the balcony of the first floor to bring some sweets as all the sweets for the groom's family and relatives were kept there. What do I see?

Picture of Baliya On the walls of the balcony which were 2 feet's tall there was a woman sitting in a pure white saree (Indian gown) with open hairs looking at me, she had red eyes and long grey hairs, she laughed stridently, and said "what do you want, why have you come here", she started crying now like a child and said "go back I will not leave anyone... just go back from here". I got factually petrified, I ran from there to call my mom. When I came up again with my mom, there was no one there.

Soon we heard a sound from down of yelling and weeping, when we went down (me and my mom) we saw that the groom was lying on the floor as he went inside the toilet and tried to fix the electric bulb, he got such a shock that he died on the spot. The marriage never took place, people decided that this place is having a bad omen, everyone evacuated the place immediately and no one went inside the red house ever.

Later, our Grandmother told us that there was a man who stayed in the red house with his mistress, one night the woman just vanished somewhere and no hone ad seen her after that night. After sometime the man was found dead inside the house. People say that the man killed his mistress, and this his mistress's spirit who still there.

This spirit does not allow any one to stay there, or to a ceremony to take place even for a night.