The reservations buzz.....I hate it to the core
Sneha | 19 May 2006

50% reservations in India being included in the private sector,,,my views on it as a citizen, as a student, as any other normal person

After more than 50 years of independence and all the great things in the path of improved infrastructure..one thing in my country (INDIA) didnt change... "Discrimination" ... People have used discrimination for everything.. Politicians for votes..and the junta for getting things their way easily...reserved categories were always looked down upon by brahmans..now brahmans are looked down upon by reserved categories..but this does not really change the picture of Modern India.
Women were not given rights..then women fought for their rights..Now they want it easy..so theres 30% reservation for women...
What has the country really gained from reservations? A COEP Mechanical Engineering department with 20 girls to make the history...A youth population frustrated because the world doesnt applaud them for merit....but gives opportunity to those who wasted earlier opportunies.. Why does the government not look at issues at lower level..
Will there be a future for me being a Brahman in India? What is the future of my children if I want to come back to India? WHat discrimination will my children face there? They will face it here too which is a totally different issue..But this is a foreign land..so it is understood...But in my own motherland...I will see divisions walking by...
Do I want to come back??