Yashvant | 08 Oct 2010

First i would like to congratulate Nikhilesh's parent they successfully completed their mission!!!! Yes they were on mission against disability

Nikhilesh the only son of Bansode family  when nikhilesh was 2 months old the day of his name.
    They clebrate this programme with fanfare,but   Nikhilesh was sleeping phlegmatically in this noise he did not startle and cried. His mother feel disbelief but other family members ignore. One day showcase glass broken but Nikhilesh was sleeping and not disturbed with big sound. his mother worried about Nikhilesh they consult local doctor he advice them go to Mumbai.At Mumbai they did different auditory test of Nikhilesh    Doctor told them he is totally deaf never talk in his life. This was shocking news for his parent but they accept his disability as challenge and decided to conquer on disability. For the career of child his father get transfered to Mumbai and mother resigns his job and went to Mumbai.Nikhilesh get addmition in Aliyawar Jung Centre Mumbai, at this centre his training started and his mother completed Bed course in Special Deafness. but they found no progress in Nikhilesh.     Nikhilesh become 2 and half yrs old he got admittion in"Central School for the Deaf" in comparison to other children his progress was zero.
Nikhilesh was 5 yrs old one day his parent heard about surgery on ear named "Chochler Implant Surgery" This surgery was recently developed in medical sciences and was expensive up 8 lacs. His parent decide to operate but amount was huge they manage funds. Doctor operated on his right ear but doctor was doubtful about success of surgery. They attach new machine on his ear and his training started in "Central School for the deaf",after completing one year he get admitted in nursery class in general school,Day by day they found progress in Nikhilesh,One day while playing Nikhilesh called her Mother"AAI" this day was golden day in her life,she was eager to hear his voice and calling AAI to her from 5 yrs.Now Nikhilesh studying in 5 th std in general school in Akola. Now Nikhilesh's parent started "Child Developement Centre for Deaf" at home. Nikhilesh could talk due to will power of his parent...