The subconscious mind is at the root of all things
Tasneem | 28 Feb 2011

THE UNUSUAL thing about dreams is that it has no limitations. You can dream about being the President of America if you will. A man can dream about being woman and a Geek God can dream about being the 'Greek 'God.

IT IS the subconscious mind that holds all your shocking revelations that you normally wouldn’t want to accept in the conscious world. The limitless power of your dreams makes you often live it. Live it to turn it into a reality. This is exactly what Shital Mahajan Rane did with her dreams. She lived her dreams quite literally.
It all stemmed from her desire to do things that men think women cannot do. She wanted to break the shards of conventionality. Her brother’s friend introduced her to parachute jumping. She immediately got fascinated by it and wanted to take the plunge. She has a lot of world records in her bag. 
·         Created a World record by doing her maiden parachute jump of the lifetime over the Geographic North Pole (Arctic Circle) in a freezing temperature of minus 37ºC from height 2,400 feet from a Mi-8 Helicopter on 18th April 2004.
·         Created World record by doing the first accelerated free fall parachute jump of her life over the White Continent of Antarctica (South Pole) in minus 38ºC from height 11,600 feet from a Twin Otter aircraft on 15th December 2006.
·         Became the first woman in the world to do a parachute jump over both the Poles [North Pole & White Continent of Antarctica (South Pole)] without any practice.
·         “Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award” was given by the President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on 29th August 2006, for her North Pole air adventure.
·         “Shiv Chatrapati Maharashtra State Sports Special Award 2004-2005” was given by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri. Vilasrao Deshmukh on 19th February 2006, again for her North Pole air adventure.
·         Created a new National record by doing first Wing suit jump in Spain on 19th September 2010 from 13000ft. Became the first Indian woman to do the Wing suit jump.
It was not a surprise to see her receive the Padma Shri for sports this year. She is one of the few amongst all the award winners who actually deserve it. Her courage and determination was bound to be noticed and rewarded. Her father put his house on mortgage and sold a part of his land to fulfil her adventures. She has twins and a husband who supports all her endeavours. Even with the financial disabilities and her twins to worry about, she managed to sore through with grit and willpower.
What intrigues me the most about her is that she followed her dream. In this money making, power hungry world, she chose to follow her heart. Hailing from a normal middle class family with limited money flow did not stop her from dreaming about the biggest goals. And the best part is that she conquered it. She even married on a parachute to prove her point.
She had no professional experience, no technical expertise, only a thrill to do something different and a dream to fulfil. As a friend rightly says, ‘You can achieve whatever you want, all you got to do is believe.’