The tales swirling around the Bharat Mata
Naim Naqvi | 04 Aug 2014

A few stray thoughts, a few observations and a few point of views- none of my own work! Minorities- ethnic, caste and sexual or otherwise, all over the world are refusing to accept what has historically been meted out to them in the name of majority rule in this century and the last.

These are increasingly showing signs of becoming restive and assertive. The concept of Human Rights has opened up a new space for the assertion of minority rights. There is no good governance without a Just and egalitarian society. 'Good governance' means that minority rights within the given nation-space should be secured, accommodated and protected.

The dichotomy between nations and minorities has profoundly stressed the fabric of democratic nations in recent times. In the newly emerging political spectrum - minority rights occupy a space that does not necessarily infringe the fate accomplice reserve of dominant majority privileges. It is imperative upon nations, nation-states fragmented polity of society and groups of individuals to respect the equal rights of their underdogs.

Let us see what is happening in our lush green court and barren backyard through these media reports mentioned below.

Dec 23, 2013. Ahmedabad: A metropolitan court on Thursday accepted the clean chit given to Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi by special investigation team (SIT) over allegations by Zakia Jafri that he and 57 others were involved in a conspiracy behind the 2002 riots. The court rejected the petition challenging the SIT report. The petitioner Zakia Jafri broke down in the court room as the order in the seven-year long battle was pronounced.

July 30, 2014. Ahmedabad: The Gujarat high court, on Wednesday, granted bail to Maya Kodnani, former minister and "kingpin" of the 2002 Naroda Patia massacre case in which 97 people were killed, on grounds of her sickness and possible delay in trial. While ordering her release, a bench of Justice V M Sahai and Justice R P Dholaria suspended her 28-year-long sentence imposed by the special SIT court in August 2012. Kodnani is the first of 32 convicts to come out on bail pending appeal before the HC.

July 9, 2014. Ahmedabad: The Gujarat high court on Friday granted a 15-day temporary bail to Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Babu Bajrangi, who was convicted by a special court in the 2002 Naroda Patia riot massacre case, in which 96 people were killed. Bajrangi urgently moved a temporary bail plea through his son after his 80-year-old father died here on Friday. The leader demanded a fortnight period to perform the last rituals. A division bench of Justice Jayant Patel and Justice ZK Syed granted temporary bail to him till March 6 on the surety bond of Rs 25,000.

August 2, 2014: Speaking as the chief guest at a conference on 'contemporary issues and challenges of human rights in the era of globalisation' at Gujarat University's convention hall, Justice Dave said, "Had I been the dictator of India, I would have introduced Gita and Mahabharata in Class I. That is the way you learn how to live life. I am sorry if somebody says I am secular or I am not secular. But we have to get good things from everywhere.

Mr. Katju, a former Supreme Court judge, said, "I totally disagree with Justice Dave's statement that Gita and Mahabharat should be made compulsory in schools. "In a country of such diversity as ours, nothing of this kind should be compelled or imposed, as that is against our nation's secular feature and Constitution. Some people say that Gita only teaches morality and has nothing to do with religion. But Muslims may say that only the Quran teaches morality, Christians may say that only the Bible teaches morality, Sikhs may say that only the Guru Granth Saheb teaches morality, Parsis may say only the Zend Avesta teaches morality, etc."

In his opinion, he said, such compulsion or imposition will do great harm to the unity of the country.

The CPI(M) today termed as "improper and unwarranted" the view expressed by Justice A R Dave." What Justice Dave has advocated is religious instruction in all schools from Class I. Compulsory religious instruction in government schools violates the basic secular principle enshrined in the Constitution," the party Polit Bureau said in a statement.

A dispassionate observer can easily sense the underlying thread that is woven across all the connected - disconnected stories! Slowly but surely, we are moving right at the center.