The taste of Pudding is in the Eating Mr. Prime Minister!
Naim Naqvi | 18 Feb 2015

"One can talk good and shower down roses, but it's the receiver that has to walk through the thorns, and all its false expectations." ……..Anthony Liccione

Politicians around the world are smart entities and believe that the voter is an eternal optimist. Mirage of improvement is life is the best ruse to trap a gullible voter. In April 2014, many RSS / NaMo supporters were successful to convince the independent voters in mass delusion of inflated expectations. Supporters sought miraculous results from Narendra Modi and BJP. As most the planks that won the election didn't materialize, they reacted with outrage and contempt. In many bypolls, as recent in Bengal and thundering defeat in Delhi, the angry mood of disillusioned voters boomed in country skies. The countrymen began to realize that unrealistic promises are never going to be met. There was big gap between fulfillment and plethora of promises. The negative climate in politics got worse when the Saffronized administration let loose the serpents of division, the careers of communal politics, and vitiated the harmony of nation. The glaring inconsistencies of ruling party assured minorities that there is very little left in nation's safety kitty that would come to them in the hour of distress.

"Sabka Vikas Sabka Saath" was just a 'mukhota' for them. The real agenda was 'Ghar Vapsi' and 'Love Jihad.'

In this atmosphere of fear and tear, the recent speech of Prime Minister came as a whiff of morning breeze. But, before we believe that the PM would prove exactly strong to overcome the RSS ideologies, of which he had been a part and parcel all his life, we have some lessons to learn from the field of 'Marketing Psychology.' It provides intriguing insights into the broken promises and why and how they hurt so bad. The phenomenon is known as NED (negative expectancy disconfirmation) and had been amply demonstrated in studies involving consumer products that fail to deliver on their promised effects. According to this research, the public develop soon a BIAS and become more angry when a product fails to perform and tumbles down upon its claims.

As someone once said, "The broken promises becomes more pronounced, as when we vote someone into a position of high authority, the effect can only be magnified. In other words, we come to distrust all politicians, all of those who work for politicians, and at the local and national level. Great leaders require not only the ability to take bold action, but ensure the willingness of citizens to allow them to try to win without having to make wild and unrealistic promises. For the health of nation, next on the morning after election result, it would be nice to wake up and be able to feel that whoever won or lost, the change is one we can truly "believe in."

So, I welcome when Mr Modi quoted from the Declaration of the Interfaith Conference of 2008 in The Hague: "We consider the freedom to have, to retain, and to adopt, a religion or belief, is a personal choice of a citizen." India, he added, is the land of the Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, and "equal respect for all religions must be in the DNA of every Indian".  

For the first time, Mr. Narendra Modi, on Tuesday promised protection to religious minorities to practise and choose their religion.

I would love to believe that recent defeats in Delhi and Bengal and the realization that the whole world is watching India are not the real motivators for this statement. It is a new Modi, a changed Modi, a leader of Secular Democratic India Modi who said all that with conviction and not to soft pedal the hot bricks.

The taste to pudding is in the eating.

Good Luck to Minorities under the new promises and new vision of our Prime Minister!