The temple that changes your destiny: Brahmapureeswarar Temple, near Tiruchi.
Venkatesh G | 17 Sep 2013

This ancient temple with intense positive vibes is located 25 kms from the Chennai- Tiruchi highway in a village called Siruganur. From this village, you have to travel further 5 kms down to a tiny hamlet called 'Thirupattur' where the ancient shrine of Lord Brahma is located.

We all know that there are very few temples for Lord Brahma in the world. Lord Brahma is the creator of mankind. It is widely believed that this is one temple that can change your destiny.

Before you enter the temple, there are lines of shops that sell all religious items like lamps, oil, flowers, incense sticks. There is also the famous “Nannari Sarbath” stalls that the South is famous for. “Nannari Sarbath” is a juice that is made from herbs to which a dash of lemon juice and water are added. We instructed the shopkeeper to use the mineral water that we carried to make the “Nannari Sarbath” to ensure appropriate hygiene. Bang opposite these shops, is a place that has been earmarked for lighting lamps.

The popular belief is that as you light lamps in the temple, a similar brightness will engulf your life with the blessings of the Almighty.

Can we now walk into the temple precincts?

The temple boasts of a magnificent “rajagopuram” that faces the east. As we enter the premises, the “kodi maram” welcomes us, following which Lord Nandi welcomes us. Lord Nandi is seated amidst a network of rudrakshas. This mandapam or hall is called as the Veda Mandapam.

 As we walk further we come across the Nadha Mandapam. The pillars of this mandapam (hall) are symbolic of the seven swaras. Lord Brahma is considered to be extremely courteous, benevolent and kind. No one has ever returned empty handed from this temple. As we cross the Nadha Mandapam, the dwarabalakas (or the guards) guide us into the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Brahma. This is the same Lord Brahma who himself was blessed by Lord Shiva.

The mesmerizing feeling that you experience as stand before Lord Brahma with both your hands folded is to be experienced to be believed. The fragrance of turmeric invades your senses. Lord Brahma’s idol is anointed with turmeric paste and he looks at you as if to say – “ I am there to help you, so why do you worry?”.

This idol is said to be a suyambu (something that came on its own).  This Lord is called as Brahmapureeswarar because Lord Brahma’s destiny got changed. So, the belief is that anyone who visits this temple can pray to Lord Brahma to change his destiny so that he/she can achieve success, fame and prosperity.

Let us now peep into some historical facts…

Despite the fact that there are no temples that are dedicated to Lord Brahma, the erudite who have read our religious scriptures claim that this is only a myth. There are no Shiva temples that do not have Lord Brahma’s divine presence. He may not be there in the form of an idol. In all the Shiva  temples, on the left side of Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma is present as a  “goshtamurthy”.

It is only in “Thirupattur” that a dedicated shrine has been devoted to Lord Brahma. The legend has it that once Lord Brahma fell prey to vanity. He showed signs of disrespect towards Lord Shiva. Incensed by this, Lord Shiva cut off one of the heads of Lord Brahma (of the five heads that he had) and cursed him that he would lose all his radiance. As a consequence, Lord Brahma ended up losing his power of creation.

Dejected by the turn of events, Lord Brahma realized his folly. To atone for his sins, he came to Thirupattur and started praying to Lord Shiva after creating 12 different shiv lings. Touched by Lord Brahma’s devotion, Lord Shiva retracted his curse and also bestowed upon Lord Brahma an additional boon. Lord Shiva said, “O, Lord Brahma, I give you back your radiance and power of creation. I am pleased with your devotion . I have now changed your destiny. In a likewise manner, anyone who visits you in this shrine, shall immensely benefit from your grace and shall find his destiny changed for the better.”

The most striking aspect about this shrine is that anyone who desires to change his destiny by the grace of Lord Brahma will voluntarily find his way into this shrine. This is what is so unique about this shrine. You may be either guided by your instinct or you may be guided by your relatives or guru. But when the time is right, you will be informed about it. If a change in your destiny is around the corner, you will be propelled to visit this shrine on your own.

Lord Brahma is the preceptor of Guru. An old proverb says that if Guru’s grace falls on you, it will propel you into prosperity. You will be rid of all your worries and sins. All of us desire to achieve a higher state of happiness, prosperity, peace in our lives. We all want to be much healthier than we currently are. To fulfil our desires and wishes, a visit to this holy shrine is a must. Lord Brahma will take care of you and ensure that your destiny is changed for the better.

Mondays and Thursdays are auspicious days to visit this shrine. This shrine also relieves you of all your doshas.

The ideal way to worship

Visit the shrine and the holy precincts of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi and Lord Brahma. Walk around the shrine (pradakshina) in a circular fashion 9 times. As you walk, keep on chanting the name of the Lord. Light 36 lamps in the shrine in the place dedicated for lighting lamps.

Those who have visited the shrine have had the opportunity to comment – “ Visited Thirupattur, Experienced Miracles”. Several devotees have had life-altering experiences after a visit to this shrine.

This is a famous shloka propitiating Patanjali Guru. This is the Gayatri Mantra that goes like this –

“Om Sivathatvaya Vitmahe

Yogandaraya Dheemahi

Dhanno Patanjali Guru Prachodayath”.

Even if you chant this shloka once in  a day, it will give you immense benefits.

The shrine of Patanjali Guru is located in the Brahma temple to the South. He is the same Patanjali Guru who gave this world the gift of “yoga”. He is supposed to be the one who is omnipresent and omnipotent in this shrine. He offers his prayers to Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma and thus anyone who prays to him gets peace of mind.

The Sapthamathas are located close to the sanctum sanctorum of Pathanjali Guru. Closer to the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Brahma, we have (to the North) Guru Dakshinamoorthy.

“Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo

Maheswaraha ;

Guru Saksath Parabrahma Thasmai Sree

Guruve Namaha”

The other deities in the temple are Lord Mahavishnu, Lord Murguan along with his consorts Deivanai and Valli and Gajalakshmi. There are also the deities of Vishnu Durga and Chandikeswarar. To the North of the shrine, there is Brahmasampath Gauri – the goddess who was instrumental in restoring the lost glory to Lord Brahma. Not many may be aware that Goddess Gajalakshmi is very powerful if you wish to achieve success in your career/ business.

The temple also boasts of a 150-year old tree that is believed to have been planted by siddhas. Siddhas had the power to leave their bodies and enter the trees as they wish. They are immortal. They also have the uncanny ability of manifesting themselves by entering human bodies. This temple also has lakes (called as theerthams) like Brahma theertham, Bakula theertham (which is equivalent to Ganga in its sanctity). The water from the Brahma theertham is used to perform abhishekas on Lord Brahma.

The Final Word

You do not have to make a conscious attempt to visit the shrine of Lord Brahmapureeswarar. Your destiny will guide you. If a change in your destiny is preordained, then nothing can stop you from visiting this shrine to get showered by the blessings of Lord Brahma.