The three mafias which exploit the noble sentiments of the people for amassing wealth.
Satbir Singh Bedi | 17 Aug 2013

I was going to the Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi alongwith my wife in a three-wheeler when at the red light as soon as the three wheeler stopped, a Eunuch came to ask for money.  My wife out of pity for this hapless person wanted to give him some money but I stopped her immediately.  I told her that all the money given to the Eunuchs goes to the Eunuch mafia who are so ruthless that they get the young men castrated and make them Eunuch to beg money from the people.  This matter has been often reported in the papers.Then a beggar without two arms came and asked for money. My wife out of pity, was going to pay her some money but I stopped her and told her that all this money goes to the pockets of beggar mafia who in league with the unscrupulous orthopaedic doctors get the young men and boys etc. amputated of their arms/legs and then force them to beg for the mafia. This matter was reported in the papers and a question was also asked in the Parliament about it.
Another mafia which exploit the noble sentiments of the people for donating money in God's cause is the mafia of elected representatives of the Gurudwara Prabandhak Committees and Singh Sabha Committees whose elections are fought on political pattern.  I seldom go to Gurudwara but my wife often goes to Gurudwaras and offer money there.  Little did she know that all this money ultimately lands in the coffers of the mafia of the elected political leaders of the various Gurudwara Committees.
In view of the facts given above, I would request people not to pay anything to Eunuchs, if possible nor should anything be paid to the beggars and no money should be offered at the Gurudwaras where all contesting parties accuse each other of stealing the money offered by the people at the Holy Gurudwaras.