The two 'TRIOs' in the current election

Some times it is very funny. here in the two trios sisters are sacrificing their lives for their brothers, It indicates how affectionate to their brothers. Though they are rivals in politics the two sisters are telling so much to the society.

Like in Gandhi family the three Soni, Rahul and Priyanka )mother, son and daughter )the YSR family Vijayamma the widow of Rajasekhara Reddy and son Jagn Mohana Reddy and daughter Sharmila are also working hard to win over their opponents.

In the Gandhi trio Priyanka is fascinating and crowd puller when compared to other two. Likewise Sharmila is charismatic on par with her older brother Jagan . Vijayamma is a senior citizen like Sonia also attracting crowds because of people’s faith in her late husband YSR.

While he Gandhi trio has covered the nation for the canvassing of Congress Party the Reddy trio has toured the entire Andhra Pradesh for YSR Congress party candidates one after another without clash.

The trio has concentrated not as much of in Telangana except four districts but  the residuary Andhra Pradesh they have touched all the Assembly Constituency headquarters.

The difference is the Reddy trio has made only road shows and addressed the huge gatherings. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandh attended the meetings and addressed the rallies. The Chandrababu and Modi also did like in the Gandhis way. Chandrababu alone attending the meetings but some of those are platform built.  

Even though the Reddy trio only addressed road shows those are as big as public rallies. It indicates how the people’s affection on there is!

The emotion and response in the Reddy trio road shows are so pleasing but in others meeting that we could not see.

If the crowds attended to Jagan, Sharmila, Vijayamma vote at least by half the YSRC will get absolute majority.

Really Jagan is in debited to Sharmila and his mother. Sharmila the younger sister of Jagan has dedicated totally to her brother and strived hard. When Jagan was in the jail the mother and daughter has saved the party.

Vijayamma who is the Honorary President of the party is contesting as Parliament candidate of Visakhapatnam and Jagan as assembly candidate from Pulivendula.

In the two trios Sharmila and Priyanka are not contesting elections. Both are helping their brothers.

What a good and sacrificing sisters both Jagan and Rahul have got!