The unofficial definition of Love
Sandeep Verma | 13 Dec 2009


When we think of love the first thing that comes in our mind is the image of a person with whom we wish to marry, have physical relationship with and with whom we wish spend the life forever. But is love only about all this. There are a lot of instances which violates this general definition of love, let’s look at some of these:

·         One of the most sacred forms of love was between Mira and Lord Krishna, they never met and Mira was only having his statue.

·         Love between a mother and her baby.

·         Love for his country in the heart of a soldier.

·         One sided love, where the person being loved doesn’t even know about his/her lover.

·         The love between the persons of same gender.

If we consider all these instances a more accurate definition can be, “Love is about ensuring happiness for the person who is being loved.  It’s selfless, doesn’t expect to be loved in return and doesn’t even need any physical contact or marriage.”

This definition doesn’t only satisfy the instances mentioned above, but helps us in understanding these situations as well:

·         One can love as many people as he wants as he is just ensuring there happiness, he is not expecting anything in return. He doesn’t even think of marrying any of them if he feels their happiness lies with someone else.

·         This also helps us in understanding the love between Lord Krishna and several Gopees.

·         In view of this definition if we evaluate the famous case of prof. Batuknath, we feel that the professor was not having true love for the girl as she would have been happier without him. Even if mr. Batuknath was in love of the girl, he was supposed to ensure happiness for the girl by helping her finding a perfect match.

·         There have been incidences where boys threw acid on their lovers, claiming that they were betrayed. They too were not in love, as love is selfless.

·         There is not even anything wrong in loving a married person as long as you just keep it to yourself, don’t create any problem in the life of that person and ensures happiness for him/her.

Some of the best examples of love may be found in Bollywood movies such as, “Kal ho na ho” and “Hum dil de  chuke sanam”. Won’t you agree?