The vote share of BJP has remained intact despite its decimation
Satbir Singh Bedi | 10 Feb 2015

The vote share of BJP has remained almost intact in Delhi General Elections to the State Legislative Assembly although it may have been decimated in terms of seats. On the other hand, the Congress has been completely wiped out seat-wise and shrunk considerably by vote share.

In 2013 Delhi elections, the BJP had won 31 out of 68 contested seats. It's vote share was 33.07% with 26,04100 votes. The 2015 elections in Delhi has left the BJP vote share almost as it is. According to the latest Election Commission data, the BJP's vote share has reduced by about just one percent, bringing it down to 32.1% (2779810 votes).
The Congress had won 8 out of 70 contested seats and received a vote share of 24.55% (1932933 votes) in 2013 Delhi elections. But in 2015, its political existence and scenario has completely changed. The Congress has got only 9.8% vote share with over 8.4 lakh votes. That is almost a loss of 15% vote share.
This vote share of Congress which it lost, has gone over to AAP.  Moreover, the AAP also picked up the vote share loss of BSP, another important party which too was wiped out in addition to the one per cent loss in BJP's vote share.  So, in a way, the Congress free Delhi for BJP meant that it too was decimated out.