The way to swim and the function of swimming
fanfan | 16 Sep 2010

Swimming is a good way to lose weight.Human -being are fit for staying in the water.Learn how to swim need courage and perseverance.You need pay attention to prepare everything well before swimming.Swimming has good functions of health.It is a way to swim

Summer is a good season to go swimming. People like to have a good swim in the cool swimming pool. Because the temperature of water make people feel comfortable and cool. Swimming can give off the body heat, so it is a good way to lose weight. Why human-being are fit for staying in the water?Science research manifests that the ancestors of human-being are aquatic animal. Lives derives from seas and ocean. Aquanaut are able to dive deep ocean to explore profound mystery. Swimming athletes can swim far away. People can find it a pleasure to swim in the clear water.
   Swimming is popular with young and old. If you are beginners, you should prepare enough equipments, assuring that swimming can be proceed successfully. You should prepare fitted swimwear. Youngers can buy beautiful and bright-coloured swimwear. It can add the sense of beauty. The second is swimming cap. It can avoid long hair scattered. You should choose elastic rubber products. The third is swimming goggles. When the water are not clean, the germs easily enter into your eyes. It may cause eyes disease. In order to prevent eyes disease, you should wear swimming goggles. You can open your eyes in the water. The fourth is earplug. It is unavoidable that water inflow ears. It may cause ache and it may influence audition. Beginners and children should bring life jacket. In addition, bath towel and slippers are necessary.
   Before diving into the water, you should do warm-up action ten or fifteen minutes. Exercise joints and all parts of muscle to make your body hot. It can prevent too cold to pull out a tendon in the water. Or you may take a warm bath before you diving into the water. Because the warm water can take away some heat of your body, then your body temperature is close to the water in pool. Beginners should go down from the handrail beside the pool for sake of the safety. You may feel nervous when you just touch the water. But you should be familiar with her temper. Otherwise,your center of gravity may be unstable, vacillate to the left and right. Beginners should cover head in the water at first, not to breath for a moment. Learners should learn how to make your body float in the water. Water has buoyancy and body can keep balance in the water. If you want to float, relax your body and don't be nervous. Your body should not be too stiff. You will find your body float easily. Your two arms pull the water, stretching out your hands and stretching out your legs at the same time. You can ask an experiential person to teach you. He can protect and teach you. You must have perseverance to practice continually.You may feel tired and feel no strength to pull at all. Of course it is a good way to lose weight and form good body shape. 
   Swimmers must have good and strong heart. At the time of swimming, the whole organs are taking part in. Blood circulation speeds up in order to supply more nutrition to the all organs. T he frequency of beating is speeding up. People often swim who have good heart function. Swimming can strengthen immunity. It is difficult to catch a cold for those people often take part in winter swimming.Swimming is the firawfirst available way of losing weight. people may make use of the buoyancy of water,to float in the water. It can relax the whole body, to develop well-balance and harmony. You can get smooth and graceful shape. Once more, swimming can increase lung's capacity. It can improve the function of lung. Water can massage the skin when people are swimming. It make the skin elastic and smooth.
   Can you swim? Have a try! 

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