The World's Most Innovative Coach and Author Mike.R.Jay pens a book on resilience “Upping the Downside: 64 Strategies for Creating Professional Resilience by Design”
mikerjay | 28 Mar 2008

“Upping the Downside: 64 Strategies for Creating Professional Resilience by Design” – get to the root of resilience by knowing new strategies and expanding your knowledge on resilience.

Get to know everything about resilience and ways to increase it substantially by new strategies. This book is written by Mike Jay and coupled with his co-author's essays on resilience. Mike has been a professional business coach, consultant and successful entrepreneur for more than 35 years. As a business leader for much of his life, he has experienced first-hand what it means to "make a payroll," deal with difficult management issues and start business ventures from scratch. As an active entrepreneur he has participated in his share of "successful failures." Mike's broad business background adds a depth of real-world knowledge to his ability to connect with clients, audiences and organizations.

. "From the very first time we met, I have felt a strong rapport with Mike and that was 10 years ago.  Our relationship continues to gain strength as I rely on Mike to provide me with a synthesis of the complex world of enterprise we live and work in.  His acumen at assessing business system dynamics and his ability to relate in a number of disciplines keeps expanding my own personal "spiral of success."    states Steve Baisch, MD who is a pediatric intensivist and director of Pediatric Critical Care in Minneapolis, MN.

 “Upping The Downside” is a specific, step-by-step program designed to help professionals in all fields create resilience. In the coming years, our inability to predict the future is only trumped by accelerating change. What do you do to remain buoyant in a sea of uncertainty? Focus on building in resilience. This book is primarily directed to the self-employed or independent professional, entrepreneur or practicing group. Because, unlike other resilience systems, it’s producing a priority score for each item, will get you moving with more leverage and small wins as you pick the low-hanging fruit in your life and work.

Mike is the author of COACH2 THE BOTTOM LINE:  “An Executive Guide to Coaching Performance, Change and Transformation in Organizations;” Now What?  “A Strategic Leadership System for Discovering and Operationalizing What Really Matters;”   COACHING as a Transformational Leadership Competency; Coach of Many Colors: the CosMos Coaching Model utilizing Spiral Dynamics Integral, CPR For The Soul: Creating Personal Resilience By Design and a book in progress called Emergenics: How to Solve More Problems Than You Create featuring the Mindful Leadership™ System

Mike has been featured in national publications for his innovative work with employees. He is a celebrated chef with awards from national contests and enjoys recognition as a Food Management Professional in the National Restaurant Association. He has received the "Highest Achievement Award" from the Dale Carnegie speaking program and studies and researches coaching and development issues continuously.

Mike is currently a practicing business coach and guide and works from an office in his home along the Oregon Trail in Western Nebraska. He maintains a consultative client list from around the world dealing with business development, Internet consultation, entrepreneurial coaching and general executive management issues important in a turbulent business environment.