The youth of today
chinku | 25 Feb 2011

Our youth are like sponges. They are absorbing every bit of the global culture thereby diluting our own values. We should mentor them to not to take consumerism and negative Western attitudes seriously.

“Mom I cannot wear this dress for the party at all”
“I brought this dress 1 month back, and now it’s so out of fashion”
“Hey, just have a look at her shoes, so passé”
How many times have we heard these conversations??
Well, we all must have been a part of these conversations or a victim!! Today, the youth is very fashion conscious. They are so much devoted to brands these days, from Levi’s jeans to Tommy Hilfiger tops, from Zara’s one pieces to Gucci bags they know it all and have it all. Today, the youth is so much influenced by many music based sub –cultures such as EMO, GOTH, SKATER, HIP-HOP etc.The television commercials or a poster any where on the streets showing current fashion updates is a big hit among the youth today. Going to late night parties, night outs, smoking, drinking and taking drugs to get the so called “high” are an “it” thing for the youth of today. From schools to colleges, everywhere you will find the same atmosphere, the Dreary, the Conceited and the Fatalist youth!
Youth is basically a time when youngsters set their goals, become clear as to what they have to achieve in life and work for it accordingly. It is the time when you, should strive to become persons of character, children ready to take up the responsibilities of life, set an example for the youngsters and to establish yourself as a self made man/women in the society. But the situation of the youth today is just inexorable.
The “I DON’T CARE” attitude of the youth has led to so many complications which are being faced by them as well as their parents today. Road accidents, road rage, drug addiction, childhood pregnancies, all these are happening in our very own society as a result of impatience, lack of tolerance and maturity among the youth. The youth today is incapable to differentiate between the right and the wrong. They are a victim of “SPIRAL OF SILENCE” which so exists in the youth today.

It is very rightly said,”The children of today are our future”. The youth has a fresh feel, has the spark, the talent and the enthusiasm to do something, to make a difference in the society we are living in. Proper grooming and counseling of youngsters today can lead to a significant change in the thinking as well as the attitude of the youth.
Parents should encourage their children and make ample amount of efforts to let their talent come up. They should help them in decision making, should be a pillar of strength when the child needs you and share a friendly rapport with their child, making them aware about the positive and negative of the situation. The youth should utilize their time in doing something constructive and innovative that would in turn benefit them.

So, it is high time, Wake up children, realize your dreams, work towards them, have fun but don’t cross the line, take risks (in a positive way!).We all have got one life, so, why not make a difference and be a part of the unordinary?