There is scope for reformation in Islam
Satbir Singh Bedi | 14 Jan 2015

Terrorism is flourishing because of the hard stance adopted by the terrorists that Quran is divine and so are Hadees and Shariah and that they cannot be changed or reformed.

People in their simplicity are led to believe it and consider any attempt to think otherwise as blasphemy and that gives rise to terrorism.  So, if the ulema really want to save Islam from being considered synonymous with terrorism, they should at least make the following commonsensical declarations, which are also consistent with the faith:
1. Quran is a created book of God, not divine as God Himself;
2. contextual, particularly militant verses, in Quran are no longer applicable to Muslims;
3. Hadees is not an Islamic scripture a la Quran.
4. Shariah cannot be considered divine.
If the Quran was divine, it would have been revealed to the first man that God created namely, Adam.  However, it was revealed only in the 7th Century after millions and billions of years. So,
the Holy Quran is a created book of God and not divine as God Himself.  In fact, it states that some of its verses are clear while other verses are not so clear.  So, mind has to be applied to understand its meaning.  Hence, contextual, particularly militant verses, in Quran are no longer applicable to Muslims and were applicable to those troubled times only.  Similarly, Hadees is not an Islamic scripture a la Quran nor can Shariah be considered divine.
That the Ahadith are not divine can be ascertained from answer to the following questions. The Ahadith quoted are all from the most reputed of Hadith compilations – that of Imam Bukhari.
Question 1. Will it be correct to claim the following today? 
•        The sun goes down every day under the Throne (of God) and takes permission to rise again [Vol.4/ Acc.421].
•        Fever is from the heat of hell [Vol.7/ Acc. 619, 620, 621, 622/Volume 7],
•        Cupping operations or branding (cauterization) offer best for healing of wounds [Vol.7/ Acc. 584, 585 and 587, 605],
•        One should run away from the leper as one runs away from the lion. [Vol.7/ Acc.608/],
•        No contagious disease is conveyed to others without Allah's permission
•        The majority of the dwellers of hell-fire will be women [Acc.28, 301/Vol.1, Acc. 541/Vol.2].
•        A woman (`that is sterile or discontented or impudent') can be a bad omen [Vo.7/ Acc.649, 666.]
Q.2 Can anyone claim infallibility of the following Ahadith which are self-contradictory
•        Hajj is redemption of all past sins [Vol.2, Acc. 596]. The reward for hajj is commensurate to the hardship undertaken for it [Vol.3, Acc. 15].
•        The dog is a clean animal as dogs used to roam about the Prophet's mosque and even urinate there [Vol.1, Acc. 174]. The dog is an unclean animal, and so if a dog eats from a container, it is to be washed seven times to purify it before human use [Vol.1, Acc. 173].
•        The dog is a blessed creature as a man was promised Paradise by God because he brought water from a well to quench the thirst of a dog [Vol.1, Acc. 174]. The dog is an accursed creature as its sale is forbidden [Vol.3, Acc. 439, 440].
•        The Prophet forbade the killing of women and children [Vol.4, Acc. 257, 258]. The Prophet tacitly approved the killing of pagans at night when women were also exposed (and could be killed during attack) [Vol.4, Acc. 256].
3. Can anyone claim eternal validity of the following Ahadith that were specific to the era?
Muslims must not carry the Qur'an to a hostile land [Vol.4, Acc. 233],
They must not keep agricultural implements at homes [Vol.3, Acc. 514], take the price of a dog [Vol.3, Acc. 439, 440], or sell fruits until they are ripe and red [Vol.1, Acc. 565]
4. Can anyone claim that the Hadith that project the Prophet as a sadist and sexually obsesses person as quoted in my last article [2] divinely revealed? 
The answer to the above four simple questions is "No"
5. Did the Prophet show any of the various miracles as great many Ahadith claim? 
The answer in 'No' because the Qur'an which is the infallible word of God repeatedly refutes such notion (6:37, 11:12, 13:7, 17:90-93, 21:5, 25:7/8, 29:50), though it claims its own miraculous character [1].
Similarly, Shariah also is not divine.  Hence there is scope for reformation in Islam. (With inputs from New Age Islam).