Think With me....
Pinstun | 28 Feb 2007

Its about a common man. How serios he is towards issues which really do not require much attention. How emotions can command the acts of a normal Indian.

Everything makes me think and I think that we should all think. I love to hide in my own shell and think for long hours over petty issues. I think it is good to think... And if you agree with me... then com'mon...THINK WITH ME.
I think… I dream ... and I hope we could do something more meaningful in life. But again for doing that.... the least we can do is start thinking.
These days, wherever I go, whomever I come across, people ask me a question related to the CRICKET WORLD CUP 2007.
Like every Indian, I love Cricket and I always have my own set of predictions, my ideas and a few suggestions that I have for the men in Blue. I am very excited about the outcome of the Indian Cricket Teams performance in the biggest event of the GAME. However, I do something, I think we should all do.... I THINK.
When I think of the world cup, I also think about my contribution towards the same. I think towards the outcome and at the same time I also think how would it effect me. Not only that I also think if any of my fellow countrymen will be affected in any manner by the game or by the outcome of the world cup. Think... what are we investing. I am sure most cricket lovers know that Indian Cricket team is paid most in the world, amongst other teams in this game. Where does that money come from? Did I hear someone say.... from the Sponsors? Oh yes!! Correct but then where do these sponsors cover up their investment.... from our pockets...RIGHT.
So I think again that basically, me, my friends, my family members and my fellow countrymen are paying for the cricket team. I hope all you readers would agree with this. So after investing so much... does someone really care about our set of ideas and our suggestions? I know that no one take a feedback from so many people...but then no one can take their salaries from so many people too. OK lets leave them for the coaches or for the board, which ironically also get their salaries from us. Now lets talk about performances... What if India wins the world cup... We party for the whole of next day ...spend more money on treating friends and paying more to the Indian cricket team as an incentive...a truly deserved incentive. Fine... but after investing so much...should we not get a return? OK again…Lets forget it. Now… if the team performs bad.... what do we do... many go in depression.... many get really upset... and a few claim that they always knew it. After all this... how does it really affect a life of a citizen of India? After the mega event comes to an end. We all take at most, a couple of days and get back to the same old normal life. So why get so crazy about something like this?
Don't fool yourself by thinking that you are proving to be a true citizen by supporting your country. That way you are cheating not just yourself but also the game. Moreover, I am sure we all realize that there are more important issues related to our country, which need our attention than just Cricket. I am also aware that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy ...but then do we watch / play cricket with just that intention??? THINK.
Before you put your thinking caps on.. let me clarify that I am ardent fan of the game. I will also follow all the matches in the WORLD CUP. I will also enjoy matches where India is not playing.. because I love the game.... but then I THINK at times.