This is not the only earth and there are no heaven and hell
Satbir Singh Bedi | 11 Nov 2014

If one asked even an educated person, how many earths are there? He would say that this is the only earth where we live. However, Sikh Gurus did not believe it. They say that there are numerous earths which cannot be counted.

Guru Gobind Singh particularly was of this view.  Even scientists believe that there are other earths than this earth.  And there is not just this milky way.  There are so many Milky Ways.  If one asked an educated person to name the planets, he would only name those planets which revolve round the suns.  However, Guru Gobind Singh believed that there are millions and millions of planets.  Scientists also believe this and the fact that as stated by Guru Nanak  Dev, there are millions and millions of skies and nether worlds.  Guru Gobind Singh even stated that there are million and millions of universes.

Then, people believe that there is a hell and there is a heaven.  However, Omar Khayyam  believed that there is no hell or heaven other than that  on this very earth.  According to him, a man whose wishes are fulfilled is in heaven and a man whose wishes and desires have not been fulfilled is in hell.  I too subscribe to this belief. Adultery is certainly not punishable by God and He does not arrange marriages.  All sexual relations are formed by man on this earth and if a man over indulges in sex or perform wrong acts, he is punished by laws of the land and laws of the nature which makes him suffer from HIV, etc. Even theft, looting, rioting, etc. is punished not by God but the laws of the land otherwise why should Babar, Taimur, Ghengis and other kings and emperors who looted the lands of other people were not punished.  In fact, all the kings and emperors became so by looting and robbing other people of their due.  Even in democracies, people loot and rob others with impunity.

So, the generally held view that this is the only earth and there is a heaven and a  hell, are all wrong.  However, for a civilised society to run, we must adhere to democracy and the laws of the land.