This is the period when monsoon frogs come out in open, Asaram Bapu tells media persons
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 01 Sep 2013

 The controversial self-styled god man Asaram Bapu, 72,  who has been booked under various Sections of the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) and Juvenile Justice Act, had been hostile to the media and has slantingly called them “monsoon frogs”. At an earlier occasion, he had called media persons as "barking dogs" 

The girl student, 16, of a Gurukul run by Asaram Bapu's trust, had made a complaint at a police station in Delhi on August 20, accusing Asaram Bapu of sexually assaulting her at his ashram in Jodhpur. 

While addressing a volley of questions from media persons recently on the sexual assault allegations broadcast on various channels, Asaram Bapu was seen saying, “Allegations are levelled against me especially in the months of July and August because this is the period when monsoon frogs come out in open.” 

On being asked by a media person for whom the metaphor “monsoon frogs” was meant, Asaram parried saying that 'you get trained yourself, and you will get to know the answer'.Instead of answering a question by another media person, Asaram Bapu reprtedly said, "You are trying to harass me." 

One may also recall that the controversial god man when grilled by the media after shocking statement on Nirbhaya's gang rape, Asaram Bapu had called media and his critics "barking dogs". The he has said, "The media has created a controversy but what did I say that was wrong? One dog barked and more dogs (in the media) joined in. Dogs will bark but they can't harm an elephant's dignity." 

He had even expressed the view that there was no need of a new anti-rape law as it will be misused as anti-dowry laws. "Women should be respected but no new law should be framed which can be misused by vested interests with the help of women of loose morals," he had said when people were demanding sticker anti-rape laws consequent to Nirbhaya's gang rape.