Thoughts of Economist Mr. Siddharth Shankar
geniepr | 17 Aug 2011

Please find below some thoughts from the larger perspective by well renowned Economist, Mr. Siddharth Shankar, Director, KASSA.

2008 was when the institutions were failing, 2011 is the year when the governments are failing. In 2008 I was of the firm view that we should let a few corporate fail so that the governments do not fail.  In 2008 an individual was un-happy and in 2011 individual still remains unhappy.

The governments it seems have stopped doing their fundamental job i.e. of governing; they have got into the business of doing business.

The year ahead will cause a lot of distrust in governments. The governments are acting like private corporations’ and the public servants are acting like executives of private firms.

The crisis in Europe and the way it has been handled with short-sightedness, not  only the people of Europe  people around the world will lose faith in governments. I expect a breakdown in the faith of the people. I see a rise in public anger in the coming years. It is only a matter of time that this public anger would translate into social unrest and public action.  Going by the size of Indian and Chinese population I expect this public action to be the worst in these two countries.

When people lose faith in the corporations and the state they can either resort to expressing their anger in public or they can withdraw. Under both these circumstances the economies suffer.

Under the above two scenarios the only way to ensure some level of social stability is to have public friendly policies, policies that make the public feel freer. People must be free to leave the country if they are not happy with the government. This way one ensures that the public voice does not turn into a mass revolution. The citizens who have left the country still continue to support the reforms that the government wants to bring about.”

Mr. Siddharth Shankaris a leading Economist & Financial Expert. He is associated with KASSA group since its incorporation under various capacities as a Director, shareholder and consultant. An expert in the field of Macro-Economics, Mr. Siddharth Shankar has established himself as a mastermind in tackling financial hurdles for his clients. His has more than a decade's expertise in structuring financial products for companies to cover their financial risks that were generated due to their international exposure to money and commodity markets. He has been involved with the marketing systems of Google, Yahoo and other global search engine giants to achieve maximum effectiveness of their campaigns. His expertise also lies in Product Conceptualization and Web- based marketing of Products.

Being a thought leader in the field of Macroeconomics he can provide a detailed analysis on the subject for your esteemed publication.

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