Thousands of vacant posts of teachers in Punjab becomes reason behind declining education quality
HARISH DIDO | 13 Nov 2014

Private Schools in India attracted a large chunk of students according to the Annual Status of Education Report 2012 (ASER) by Pratham. However, the quality of education is on the wane in both private and government schools, the report noted. The survey, which covered 16,000 schools across the country, found private enrolments raised from 18.7 per cent in 2006 to 28.3 per cent in 2012.

Two different strategies of the government – one asking education youths to pass the TET (Teachers Eligibility Test) and second a statement by the Education Minster that passing TET is eligibility for job and not the guarantee – are creating confusion and putting their future in dark.

Further, by making no recruitment in the Secondary Education Department, out of 75050 sanctioned posts in different categories, 22,916 posts, say 31 per cent are lying vacant.  Thus, with the existing staff of 52,134 teachers, the teaching and other allied jobs are being carried out as a stop-gap-arrangements.

Raj Kishore Kalra, Educationists, speaking to this Citizen Journalist said, out of 74660 posts of non-planned sanctioned posts, 22756 posts are lying vacant. 

It is pertinent to mention that TET pass hundred of educated unemployed youths are struggling for the last so many years but the government, despite availability of thousands vacant posts, is proving incapable of making new recruitments, perhaps due to financial constraints and poor budget planning for important sections like education, health and law & order.

As per the Education Department sources, divulging with the details of vacant posts of teachers, Kalra said, out of total 1247 posts of Headmasters, only 716, say 57 per cent, are lying vacant. Likewise, 68 posts of senior lecturers are also lying vacant. Whereas, in Senior Secondary Schools out of 10886 posts of Headmasters 3234 are still vacant. In the master cadre, 27 per cent, 9529 out of 35296 posts are lying vacant. The pitiable condition of Vocational Masters is like that out of 3260 posts, 2059 posts about 63 are vacant. Not only this, C & D category, 1517 (21 per cent), Librarian 39 per cent – 261 out of 664, 31 per cent of clerks – 700 out of 2335 posts and 32 per cent – 772 out of 2390 of SLA are vacant. 39 per cent of Restores of Library, 51 per cent Workshop Attendant, 56 per cent Library Attendant and 39 per cent of Class IV employees are lying vacant.

On the other than, 104 posts, out of 200, say 43 per cent, sanctioned posts under Non-Plan under Direction and Administration and in another Non-Plan, 56 out of 147, say 38 per cent are still to be filled up.  These include two 2 each of District Education Officers and Dy. Education Officers, 6 of SOs, 13 of Senior Assistants, 16 of Clerks and 27 of Class IV are vacant.

Expressing his concern over the sorry state of affairs of Punjab Education Department, Raj Kishore Kalra has demanded from the Daljit Singh Cheema, Education Minister to formulate a permanent recruitment policy and the merit list in waiting should be prepared like that none of the post remain vacant and teaching or non-teaching staff is immediately recruited on creation of vacancy in the event of retirement or on any other administrative grounds.