Three-day international children's science and maths festival concludes in Vishakhapatnam
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 17 Nov 2014

The three-day International Children's Science and Mathematics Festival (November 13-15, 2014) in Vishakhapatnam hosted by Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan has concluded with a cheerful note of continued international sharing in the areas of learning of science, mathematics, creativity and innovation. I delivered an invited talk on 'Language of Mathematics and Language Arts' which was well received by the participants.

In the festival, around 300 delegates from India, Nigeria, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia participated. They not only participated in the deliberations in a cheerful and caring festival-mode learning environment but also exchanged cultural experiences by staging dance performances from various states of India as well as Malaysian and Thai dances.

The main implication of deliberations and expert talks delivered by key resource persons from India and foreign countries is that in present times, we must aim at understanding and appreciating innovation creativity and inventiveness as the core values of general education of science and mathematics at the school level. This in turn requires paradigm shift in educational practices towards being process-oriented.

The festival stressed educational reform in science and mathematics education and a need for new guidelines, curricula and pedagogic materials for teacher education in the newer contexts that stimulates models and promotes creativity and innovativeness.

For better learning of science and retention of subject matter, I feel that we should make use of multiple intelligences, sketch-noting and self-study skills for teaching and learning of the content and processes of science since these methods help students to use both sides of the brain.