Three hapless women
Satbir Singh Bedi | 11 Oct 2013

Satwant Kaur was a Jat Sikh woman who was a graduate. She fell in love with Simran Singh Mann who was a Flight Lieutenant in the Air Force.

The couple were leading a happy life for sometime but as ill luck would have it when Satwant was in the home of her in-laws, a telegram reached her that her husband had been killed in an air crash.  All her world came tumbling down but the worst was still to come.  After the cremation ceremony of her late husband was over, her in-laws told her that as per Jat Sikh traditions, she had to marry her younger brother in law, the younger brother of her husband who was only fourteen years old and was studying for his matriculation examination.  He was twelve years younger than his late elder brother and ten years younger than Satwant.  Satwant was deadly against such a marriage and opposed it vehemently but she had to yield to the pressure of the village elders and her in-laws who opined that she must respect the traditions.


Ghouri was a teacher who had done JBT  and got married to a person in the Uttrakhand region who was a Forest Ranger.  She thought that she would spend the best of times with her husband but soon she was told by her mother-in-law that she had to be shared by all the five brothers, the youngest one being ten years of age.  Ghouri was incensed at the proposal but she was told that this was family tradition and her mother-in-law had also had four husbands, all brothers and she did not know which child of hers was the son of which of her husband.  She was also given the example of Draupdi.  Although she protested that what Draupdi had done, was not valid in the present times yet she had to yield to the tradition.


Namrata was a working girl who was a graduate.  She wanted to marry on her own but was told by her father that he had promised to the latter's friend that he would marry Namrata to his friend's son, Nirmal.  Since her father and her would be father-in-law shared the same Guru and belonged to the same sect, she had to honour her father's word.  Much against her wishes, Namrata had to agree to marry Nirmal though she never liked this relationship.