Tibetan suicide squads must not extinguish Indians’ hopes and lives
Natteri Adigal | 07 Apr 2008

The Communist Party chief in Tibet has confirmed that the torch would be taken through Tibet twice — up Mount Everest and to Lhasa. He said that China was aware of “new sabotage activities by the Dalai clique” from Indian soil

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He said that China was aware of ?new sabotage activities by the Dalai clique? from Indian soil Tibetan suicide squads out to extinguish Indians? hopes and lives The Olympics has been conceptualized as a platform to promote relations between peoples of nation-states and defuse traditional rivalry, which is dissipated in the sports arena rather than being taken to the battlefield. It has the power to level societies, whatever the enmity between them. The tour of Olympics flame, likewise, is supposed to be a journey of harmony and peace. It is a fantastic opportunity for sports lovers to rededicate themselves to the cause dear to them ? using the platform of sports to become better citizens of the world. It needs a lot of accomplishment and dedication to earn a medal; or simply participate as a representative of your country; or just being invited by your country to run with the flame. Nowadays, the event also extends a golden opportunity for people having intentions entirely contrary to the spirit of sports. Ironically, you can achieve even more visibility in the electronic media by attempting to play spoilsport! Although the publicity from disrupting the relay may be of the cheap kind, like what psychotic strippers earn, that does not matter for persons prepared to employ any means to grab eyeballs. The torch relay in London on April 7 provided an example of this. It was attacked by two demonstrators who tried to douse the flame with a fire extinguisher near Ladbroke Grove. One ?human rights campaigner? jumped in front of a relay bus in Oxford Street. The torch had to be taken in bus instead of on foot at St Paul?s to avoid trouble. This may not be only ugly incident of demonstrations during the flame?s 21-stop tour this year, before it reaches mainland China on May 4. The event is expected to face trouble in Paris, San Francisco and elsewhere. The amount of din, created by the groups under rebellious Tibetan monks resorting to these tactics, gives an indication of their PR prowess and money power. After all, they are descendents of monks who fled to India in 1959 with huge treasures looted from Tibetan monasteries and their loyal serfs. The vassals claim divine rights to reign over Tibet by projecting "His Holiness" as Living God. The problem with "rights of Tibetans to pursue their lives in the richness of their own ancient Buddhist heritage", as espoused by these activists, is that these "rights" are in fundamental contrast with "People's Republic" of China. The sovereignty of PRC over the region, unlike in case of Kashmir, is internationally beyond any dispute. Dalai Lama himself has acknowledged that hundreds of times. Yet the Tibetan ?government in exile?, which has enlisted world?s glitterati and socialites thronging to the Dalai Lama for spiritual solace to spearhead its ?cause?, has been successful in conducting anti-China activities from Indian soil. Influential Tibetans have been able to negotiate virtual impotence from agencies of New Delhi. The lack of strong action against ugly demonstrations, orchestrated by the so-called government in exile, can transform the flame?s triumphant tour of India into a huge nightmare. China had delivered a major snub by summoning Indian ambassador Nirupama Rao to the foreign office well past midnight last month. It lodged a strong protest against ten unruly protesters managing to scale the Chinese embassy walls in New Delhi. It wanted more solid action instead of just promises like ?We will ensure the Olympic flame travels safely throughout India. All safety measures will be taken? made by national security adviser MK Narayanan. Zhang Yan, the Chinese ambassador, has been understandably perturbed at New Delhi?s soft-pedalling of the loose cannons. During his meeting with home minister Shivraj Patil, he threatened skipping the New Delhi leg of the relay. The ministry of home affairs says it has ?sensitised? all the states thorough which the torch will pass to provide ?visible security?. But, its claim of having taken ?preventive steps based on intelligence regarding the movement of Tibetans? does not inspire much confidence. Permitting jingoist elements to get away with such serious provocations can encourage them to stage more adventurist acts and spell grave trouble to innocent Indian population. Dalai Lama has meanwhile alleged that Chinese soldiers who were dressed like monks and carrying Chinese swords had indulged in violence in Lhasa. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu responded that spreading of such hearsay rumours cannot change the truth of the incident. It only shows ?the sense of guilty conscience in his deep heart so that he is trying to pass the buck, using rumours and cheating.? A spokesman for the public security bureau in PRC Wu Heping responded, ?As per our knowledge, the next plan of the 'Tibet Independence' forces is to organize suicide squads to launch violent attacks.? Zhang Qingli, the Communist Party chief in Tibet, insisted the torch would be taken through Tibet twice ? up Mount Everest and to Lhasa. He said that China was aware of ?new sabotage activities by the Dalai clique.? Co-convener of core group of Cause for Tibet, Vijay Kranti, has made the real intention of the ?government in exile? clear. He declared fierily, ?The government of India or its MEA has no moral authority to stop the leader of an occupied country from performing his own duties towards his people and his country . . . the basic historic facts (are) that HH the Dalai Lama took refuge in India in 1959, not just as the supreme religious leader of Tibet . . .but as political leader and the Head of State of Tibet before his country was forcibly occupied by People's Republic of China in 1951.? Following the same policy of the Tibetans ? who look down upon the Indians despite getting refuge on Indian soil, while hobnobbing with Western glitterati ? China chose not to invite any Indian diplomat in a tour of Lhasa by foreign envoys. The tour of diplomats from 15 countries, including the US, Britain, Russia, France, Japan, Tanzania, Brazil, Singapore, Spain, Canada, Italy was through riot-scarred Lhasa. They were shown the extensive damage done by violent monks, incited by the ?Dalai Clique? with the intention of putting Tibet back by centuries. Next, New Delhi was told on the eve of commerce minister Kamal Nath?s visit to Beijing that China?s trade minister would not be available to meet him. While Kamal Nath confirmed that his visit was being ?rescheduled? because of ?engagement of the Chinese minister?, the move revealed what could happen to the negotiations for the proposed Regional Trade Agreement. It is time for Indians to put their thinking hats on. Let us remember, we have a lots of distance to cover to set our own house in order! We can no more afford to be swayed by the heart, rather than by brain, on how to deal with the campaign by the anti-China ?refugees?. Can we afford to sabotage emerging economic relations with China, which is being sought after by everyone else in the world? Most importantly, must the exiles be allowed ? even if they have manipulated sympathy from emotive Indians with their spiritual wizardry ? to stage suicide attacks, which may potentially lead to mass deaths and destruction? The recent events indicate that such a risk does linger ? brought about either by fanatic Tibetans themselves or by reprisals by the Dragon targetted at them. 6???????    % & ( + O T ? ? K L N Y k ? ? ?  8 : ? 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