Tiger may take a side bench while lion and cow fight it out for the top spot.
Rajni Verma | 12 Jun 2015

After proposing the name change for India's capital city Delhi, it's now time to redo the national animal. Recently, the Central government is thinking of a new national animal for India – tiger, lion or cow. Since 1972, tiger has been India's national animal.

The idea of superseding current national symbol with new came after PM Narendra Modi instigated Make in India campaign. PM government initially hinted their interest in lions when they used lion in Make in India logo. Interestingly, in order to encourage enterprises to manufacture product in India the campaign had been launched and the presence of lion in it denote how valiant India is to execute the same. Seems like the BJP Govt wants to give a new look to India, make it investor friendly, make it more glamorous. But does tiger unable to denote the same note?

However, the suggestion of making cow as a national symbol somewhere indicating toward the interpretation of making India Hindu Rashtra.

Meanwhile, merinews tried to find out how changing national symbol make difference and how it will effect image of India.

Ambika Shukla, Animal Rights Activist

I would say that it will be more insulative if cow become a our national animal. Cow is a symbolic to India, our traditions, heritage and economy. As India is a agricultural country and cow always associated with Indian traditions, mythology and folklore. And cow is the one which need immediate protection. So, I think it is a wonderful move as cow truly symbolized to India.
See, everything recognizes the importance of saving a tiger because tiger is a indicated specie. However, when you save the tiger, you save the jungle. But as far as identifying an animal with India, I think cow truly symbolized to it.

Prahlad Kakkar, Ad Guru

The whole idea of having national symbol is like a eagle for America. India's present national symbol is tiger. And both nation's symbol signifies to bravery and courage. So, why to change it?
And of course if the cow is made the national animal, it will impose the Hindutva brand fully. For Hindus, cow is a sacred animal and it totally symbolized to Hinduism. Although, for those who eat beef, stake (in America) etc it is in a list of food or a day meal. But Hindus are streching this point like anything.