Time - a few personal observations
Vinod Anand | 21 Mar 2011

Time is a chain of moments. One moment comes and shifts to the past, and it is replaced by another moment. This flow goes on without any break. It is like a river that flows continuously, and finally gets submerged in the sea.

THAT'S WHY it is said that past is history, future is mystery, and the present is the gift of God. But, most us just ponder over what has happened, and think of tomorrow, and do not focus our attention on the present.
The separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one:
“Lamhe Aate hain Jaate Hain Sajaane Shama Mehfil Ki,
Hmein Fursat Nahin Milti Uni Se Dil Lagaane Ki’ (Vinod Anand “NAZAR”)
Time is also graded as Einstein’s time according to Albert Einstein in his Theory of Relativity. The moments of happiness pass off vary fast, and the moments of pain and sorrow pass very slowly, although the speed of time remains the same.
Time is just one constraint in human life over which human beings have no control. In other words, it is an exogenous variable. Even if someone acquired the whole wealth of all nations, one has only one life-time to make use of the given wealth. This is well demonstrated in one of the “New Theories of Consumer Behaviour”, where it is said that it is time, and nothing else (including income) is the constraining variable.