Time for Muslims to vote for BJP to explode 'myth' of secularism?
Ajit Chak | 18 Feb 2013

According to a senior Muslim leader and academician M K Sherwani there is a change in the attitude of Muslims towards the BJP because they feel cheated by other 'secular' parties. Sherwani, who is the chairman of All India Muslim Forum, writes:

"Just at the outset, let me clarify that like most of the Muslims I too hate BJP, but do not have love for other parties either, as the former  is representing naked fascism while the latter are nothing but a hypocrisy of secularism. The result of this so-called confrontation between these two notions has been that since independence till this date Indian Muslims are trapped in this whirlpool, as if their only agenda and fate are concentrating on ‘STOP BJP.’ The situation is quite clear and needs no elaboration."

"I am really anguished at the prevailing scenario which offers no constructive programme for Muslims, while the fictitious secular parties are thriving on the community's psyche. How long the Indian Muslims will allow themselves to be deceived by this fictitious secularism is the most crucial point which requires introspection by the intellectuals."

"Congress, having brought Muslims to the present position and also having demolished Babri Masjid is secular. Mulayam Singh backing Kalyan Singh is secular, Mayawati canvassing for Narendra Modi immediately after Gujarat carnage is secular, and the similar story, individually and collectively, in the whole country is interminable."

"Sometimes we talk of Muslim-based political parties and there are also long debates on this aspect as the way out of the present precarious condition of the community. We also established ‘All India Muslim Forum’ after the demolition of Babri Masjid. But in brief, ours as also of others’ who undertook such adventures , experiences speak of the same phenomenon i.e. if the Muslim vote is divided then ‘BJP will come to power, whereas they (so-called secular parties) fight with each other, without caring for who wins and who loses. The same practice will be repeated in 2014 Parliament elections and atmosphere for it has started building up."

"What under these circumstances Indian Muslims think about the option to switch over to BJP just to explode the myth of secularism forever. After all BJP has remained in power, both at the centre and other states and that too not because of Muslims or Muslim party. If once again BJP comes to power with full majority and even if it executes its anti-Muslim agenda, we will be satisfied that our real enemy is before us and will devise the means to take the bull by its horns. Worst of all, if it replicates Gujarat carnage, how many Muslims it will kill – one lakh, two lakh or one crore. The remaining will learn the lesson to live as a living community, having the strength to survive  with dignity. At least they will seek riddance from their present despicable position as cowards, buffoons and slaves."