TN Govts Ruled like a Pendulum it needs a Change like US ?
Anand Krishnan | 08 Mar 2009


TN Govts Ruled like a Pendulum it needs a Change like US ?
The recent survey of *In the Global Corruption Index, a survey of 133 nations conducted by TI”& States.
The TN is 2nd corruption state in India observed that is 67 % ,

India’s Most and Least Corrupt States!
India gets 72nd Rank out of 133 Nations on Globle Corruption Table
Getting down further to 84th Rank
( India has been ranked a lowly 72, two steps down since last year, among 180 countries of the world on the worldwide Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), prepared by independent international agency Transparency International. ).
However, corruption is much higher in Pakistan which occupies 140th place, a little below Iran, Libya and Nepal which are ranked 133, 134 and 135 respectively.

Alarmingly Corrupt

Very Highly Corrupt

Highly Corrupt
Moderately Corrupt

Jammu & Kashmir
Madhya Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh

Tamil Nadu


Andhra Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh
West Bengal

*In the Global Corruption Index, a survey of 133 nations conducted by TI.
So first of all the People of state must think serious to whom they want to elect and how to make state clean without corruption & BUREAUCRACY, at present situation the law also get lawless in Tamil Nadu Advocate take law in hand and attack Police and set fire in Madras High court and damaged all govt Propeties in state , if some one is guilty and he come to court Advocates thinking that buy putting law dress they can do any thing in side the court it’s a Gundaism only the Honarab`le Court that is ( Judge ) will deside who is write nad who is wrong , no body has given power to destroy national properties this is the worst criminal that they are doing at present , burning vehicals , Damaging public properties ,WHY? In behalf of attacks why they are eager to destroy others propery who will pay for this damages ? This is a total criminal activities running in TN , In offices the time is not punctual office bears tell common man or who comes as an applicant told that you come after 6pm ? this is BUREAUCRACYits true in Tn , For this the whole time a applicant kill time for getting a work done , Political members are fogged in Govt offices from morning to evening and even night Why? Its only a BUREAUCRACY ,if TN State or public needes good administration there must be strict Administration needed in TN ,
First the local party members in Govt offices should not be Entertained there is RTI and Common man or even the people comes from outside there Application must solve with a time in that the office bearers should not seen or even think of BUREAUCRACY that which party or not he is, the Central Govt and Distt Collector must see the offices or regular way to avoid this partiality between parties in Govt Offices in TN . Then only the corruption come down and common man gets their work done without corruption , The past decades all knows that on DMK & AIADMK ruled in Tn and at present their govt is rulling its like a PENDULUM only and ones the DMK out govt AIADMK forms govt and like this now the Present corruption Stands 67% , No law and order in Court people are shamed for this type of attack in side Court in behalf of this they are Damaging Public properties Why?

Inside Madras High Court 19-02-2009 TOI image
The worst crime is Damaging Public Property and for this only “ Capital Punishment should be given by the Honarab`le Supreme Court of India”. At present the Govt ordered Shoot at site order in TN why ? because now the images are seeing out side the state it’s a request to President of India to declare President Rule in state and make situation in normal condition and prevention for the public property and govt properties which were damaged in TN recent ………………………………………