To God from an agnostic.
Satbir Singh Bedi | 24 Sep 2013

God is the creator. He is also the destroyers. Destruction is also necessary for construction. The old and worn out things have to be destroyed and new things have to be built.

However, sometimes, He destroys even young ones and creates new young ones.  It is part of his play. He has asked me to play a role which I am playing for the past 68 years. When my role is over, I will just vanish away.  He does not need worn out souls like mine to put into a new body. He can create as many souls as He likes and put them in as many bodies as He likes.  He can create innumerable species and destroy as many of them as He likes and create as many new species as He likes.  He is very playful and wants us to be playful also.  In his playfulness, He goes on giving certain things to certain people and takes away various things from various people. It is under His orders that all the good things are done and it is under His orders that all the bad things are done. In fact, nothing is good or bad, it only our thinking which He has given to us, which makes a thing look good or bad.


This is not the only earth which He has created.  He has created innumerable earths.  Only we are not aware of them.  And this is not the only Universe that He has created but He has created innumerable universes.  He has created innumerable skies and innumerable seas and innumerable worlds.  There is no end to His creation and also there is no end to His destruction.  He does not create any such Hell that a person cannot bear to live in it and He does not create any such Heaven which gives all the pleasures to a person which may make a man mad.  He has created Hells and Heavens on the innumerable earths created by Him.  He has created innumerable Suns, innumerable stars, innumerable Milky ways and innumerable planets and satellites.  He has created such an illusion that we see the things which are many light years away from us on this day but those things are no longer in existence.


He has so many names and yet He is nameless.  He has so many forms and yet He is formless.  He has created innumerable types of music, innumerable type of dances and innumerable types of cultures and innumerable type of races on various earths created by me.  He does not require any flattery and goes strictly by the scientific laws created by Him.  He has also created innumerable other laws of which we have no knowledge.  He does not want His name to be recited by us but wants us to act the role which He wants us to play.