Today's world is full of uncertainties
Shruti | 28 Feb 2011

The world as we see it is not what our forefathers would have even imagined in their wildest dreams. It is going from bad to worse. It is full of uncertainties and doubts. Terror, political upheaval and economic uncertainty are the order of the day.

EVERY DAY we get to read about gory murders and unrest amongst people against the government.
The political situation is in turmoil across the globe with protests in Cairo demanding the resignation of the Egyptian president. The protesters are destroying history of their nation by attacking the monuments and offices of the country. They want a change from the tyranny of a rule of a 30 year old government.
India is seeing scams overload. One opens any closet and a tumble of scams skeleton can be seen. It is enough to bow one’s head in shame. Attacks on innocents in the country, burning of innocent, honest officials by the corrupt mafia are the in thing.
The world population is exploding. Three-fourth of the world is dying from hunger while the rest of world is visiting the gym each day worried about their extending tummies. The disparities between rich and poor are increasing and no effort from the government’s side is helping to reduce it.
The world has become a smaller place to be in with Facebook and the concept of instant communication fast catching the fantasy of the world. Wikileaks brought out the secrets of the United Nations and the world got to see that States is not all that good as it portrays itself to be.
The rural to urban migration trend increased as the cities swelled to its limits and slums get growing each day. With increasing population, the unemployment is increasing. The world went through a major recession last decade from which it is still struggling to recuperate. Lots of Americans lost their jobs with it their houses and many a times their lives.
The sensibilities of the world have been changing. People have started accepting homosexual ties and live-in relationships.
The world has suffered many natural calamities like floods and earthquakes. These have been the result of global warming which started as people set up factories which polluted the atmosphere and destroyed the ozone layer.
Fashion is continuously changing with new trends coming up each day. The young entrepreneurs who ar smart and tech-savvy are managing major companies with ease and flair and turning the businesses from good to better.
The world has become a confused place to live in.There has been control and treatment of major diseases. One can get solutions for everything on the internet from  how to bake a cake to how to make a bomb.
The world has seen women empowerment but has also seen fathers keeping their girls in captivity and impregnating them.
We do not know where the world is heading with such drastic differences. But we should not lose hope as with  hope and efforts anything is achievable and possible. Let us hope to leave a better world with its culture and traditions so that our children are proud to be born on this earth as human