Top 10 tips for Laptop Care
Hikaru and Jaanvi | 30 Apr 2009

Top 10 tips for any Laptop Care

NEVER leave a laptop stored in a parked car in plain view.
1.ALWAYS encrypt critical, sensitive information.
2.Do not eat and drink while you are in front of your laptop. Spilled liquids and fallen food crumbs and bits can easily damage the sensitive circuitry inside.
3.Do not touch the LCD screen. Close the lid gently by holding it with both hands when shutting it off. This is to avoid breaking it.
4.A laptop’s battery is like human muscles – if you don’t exercise it, it’d become useless. Use your laptop’s battery until it tells you to recharge. This will make the battery life lasts much longer.
5.Do not let it run for straight 2 days, even on powerful laptops. It is advisable to automatically put your laptop in a sleep or hibernate mode or even shut it down after a period of inactivity.
6.If you need to move and take your laptop more than a few feet away, shut it down or put it to sleep before moving on. Do not walk with your laptop on because you are risking the hard drive with every stumble or jar you make.
7.Don’t close anything inside your laptop. There is a little clearance between the screen and the keyboard and even a couple sheets of paper can put stress onto the screen. Also, avoid putting heavy objects on top of your laptop. These careless actions can damage.
8.Guards its health by using antivirus software. Install Antivirus and keep checking that it is updated all the time.
9.Take Regular Backup of your data.