Top Universities get freedom to grant their own degrees to the students
ISHA SHARMA | 22 Mar 2011

Top colleges in India can now grant their own degrees to their students without any interferance but now only the recommendation and acceptance by the HRD MInistry is pending.

THE BEST ranked Colleges and universities in India like the St.Stephen’s College in Delhi and St.Xaviers in Kolkatta has now received a freedom through which they are free to give their students their OWN DEGREE,now only recommendation by the HRD (Human Resource Development) ministry’s concerned committee is left.

After coming across various conflicts and challenges regarding the level of authority which must be given to these universities,it was a wise take of the HRD ministry to set up this resolving Committee which is called the Madhav Menon Commiitee.The recommendations of this policy was given by the universities as they wanted autonomy in their hands so that they could grant their own degree.

When this issue was highlighted in the committee meeting,the sources told publically that the final call would be HRD ministry and the colleges are bound to follow what the final decision of HRD MINISTRY would be.This special committee is a panel which consist of SPECIAL SECRETARIES, Additional 2 secretaries ,one Joint secretary and the chair persons of the UGC and AICTE And another clause according to which one person respectively can be appointed from one the MENON’s side and one the VICE CHANCELLORS side.

When this whole committee was being formed the major issue highlighted was that the Higher Education in India needs some positive transformation.And the universities desired some more authorities in their hands and not centrally the power to lie in the hands of the PRESIDENT.

And so,the functioning must be reviewed again . And another major proposal was that the IIM’s in INDIA,the INDIAN INSTITUTES OF MANAGEMENT must be now converted from a government owned to a universities.And also some steps must be taken so that the appointment of the top bureaucrats must be discouraged in the universities to make it a FAIR GAME.

Also the universities demanded that there must be a common entrance test for the higher courses such as Phd/Mphil ,and also Navratna Universities have proposed that there should be a direct central funding so that they could obtain a freedom to fix the student fee,Faculty salary on their own without andy interference.