Torture: A lifetime of punishment
mehak | 29 Jul 2009

If terrorism can't be justified then even torture can't be justified. In fact, terrorism kills many people with one blow but torture is a lifetime punishment where the loss of dignity and mental ability can't be regained.

NEW YORK, the movie starring John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Katrina Kaif came in for appreciation from many quarters. The methods of torture documented in the movie have really been employed in Guantanamo Bay and it is in line with what I had already read during my human rights examination. But watching a movie made on the subject was insightful. It served to publicize the terrible conditions in the torture cells of the United States of America.

The film though had not depicted all the other methods of torture which more horrifying that those shown on screen. Well it was better only as I already had goose bumps and shivers all over my body. Kabir Khan, the director of the film takes the movie from a very light and subtle mood to a very grave mood in the second half. I enjoyed the first part laughing and enjoying, guessing that what exactly Irfan Khan is going to do with Neil. The story develops in a manner which I did not expect. I personally felt that the story is about terrorism and torture but depicting what actually happened in those torture cells was commendable. For the Chopra’s it was just like taking a chance as such a subject is not pretty popular. The plot development from the friendship of three persons and then moving on to what happened to twin towers was awesome.

No one else can feel or can realise the intensity of trouble and hatred which these torture cells had in them and of course the intensity of psychological effects that happened after all these. I sympathise with the victims of torture throughout the world because if terrorism can’t be justified then even torture can’t also be justified. In fact, terrorism kills many people with one blow but torture is a lifetime punishment because even after the release from the detention centres, the loss of dignity and the loss of mental ability can’t be regained.

A person is psychologically broken in the detention centres. A person is humiliated, at times for crimes which he/she has not even committed. Torture crushes the dignity of a person. The best part of the movie was the end because there John reveals that he never wanted to hurt any civilian as any innocent person but he just wanted to give an answer to the people who support these detention centres and take away the right to life of normal people. John actually plans a blast in the FBI building itself and not at any other institution. His fight was with those who had taken out the man out of him and treated him as an animal.

The truth about America is before us all. The truth about the 1200 people arrested after 2002, reveals that the protection of their own citizens natters more to them than treating the rest of humanity with respect. The movie is an eye-opener. It is much better than the current crop of entirely glamorised movies. The turning point in the life of three friends which wanted to live their life with full zest and zeal was awesome and was beautifully crafted in the script.

Watching New York was an enlightening experience and the beautifully and magnificently taken opening shot was a feast for the eyes.