Toy or sex toy?
Prativa Rathi | 23 Dec 2014

It's a usual clamor of the day for we people. But how about the infant? Was it an infant stage of believing that she was a girl? Yes, it was. It was a step towards knowing the male chauvinist society, the superior culture, and the autocratic precept by regime who could not feel the sob of the child who was brutally raped but seemingly could take a period of gestation for punishing such people.

Most often called barbarians, but cannot be assured because they had a salient feature of being uncivilized, which is relatively an irony to be uncivilized for present era.

After this act,the only conclusion is that a girl should be kept in between the four walls with no part of body being flashed.Indeed a girl child should have no other toy in hands except sex toy,which will decidedly keep them in practice.

However,it will also ignite the audacious visions of the regime,the culture and the''role models''performing the task who would no longer be compared with barbarians.

The rulers would not be accused for such autocracy, it will be further accepted as free will of individual to sustain with no expectation of being shield.

Lastly the culture and the society would be further modified for a girl as a ''latest fashion'' of being raped as no girl would be ashamed instead will be in a bliss to be an active member of today's trend.