Travel Woes In Pune
Legolas | 26 Oct 2009

It deals with the problems one faces while travelling in Pune suburbs.

Travelling woes in PuneUnscrupulous auto driversNo meter, no logic. You just can?t argue with them. They are the lords of the roads. Right next to the throbbing IT Park, they extort money from helpless commuters. Auto driver: ?Kaha jana hai?? one of them asks.Me: ?Wakad?.Auto driver:?80 rupaiya hoga?Me: ?Par bhaiya, woh to mushkil se 1 kilometre hai yahaa se ?Auto driver: ?Aaana hai to aao warna khade raho?Me: ?Aap ka meter kidhar hai??Auto driver: ?Yaha auto meter se nahi, driver se chalet hai ?This image that an outsider take from Pune tells a bad story about it, isn?t it time we take the effort to change what people think about ?our Pune?

Suicidal 6 seatersIt is called a chakda or a tumtum. They stand near the Hinjewadi chowk police station and take passengers from Hinjewadi chowk to Dangi chowk and vice versa.How many people do they fill in the vehicle?11!!!!8 in the back seat and 4 , incluing the driver. Combine that with the lack of control that these vehicles offer and you have got a complete recipe for disaster. while the other vehicles are forced to have PUCs , such rules don?t seem to apply to these Chakdas. In other big cities, these are not allowed to operate in the city. But in Pune, they are allowed.

Connect the dots, the kind of emission that they do, such vehicles should be banned.Moreover, they won?t allow a taxi driver to take passengers from their area!!!!What do you call that? ?Dadagiri? Such unsafe behaviour on the roads of ?our Pune? is unacceptable, it is high time that we ask the authorities why they are sleeping!!!Tata meets Narayanmurthy One look at the road and you must call it narrow. Supposedly a two way road, it is so treacherously difficult to navigate on and it is so full of potholes that you get a headache after you are done.It is such a shame that the road that connects the two growing suburbs of Hinjewadi and Chinchwad is in such pathetic state. If Pune is to grow fast, such infrastructure issues need to be taken care of. Or else, our beautiful Pune is bound to be left behind by other cities!!!