TRS leader necked out from his own party men

The Telangana Rastra Samithi (TRS) senior leader and former Parliament member Ravindra Naik experienced a great dishonour on Monday (June 15) in the State TRS office, when he came to attend the Party Executive committee meeting.

Naik is a prominent Banjara Tribal Leader and he was the instrumental to bring Banjara community  into Scheduled Tribes, when he was in Congress in the early seventies.

After entering into the TRS office, the supporters of K Chandra Sekhar Rao objected Naik to enter into the state executive committee meeting hall. There he confronted with the supporters of KCR and there after it took much bigger confrontation shape. Finally the Naik was necked out by the KCR supporters. During the confrontation the shirt of Naik has been torn into pieces.

After the humiliation he cursed the KCR like anything. During that time he lost the patience, in the emotion he abused the KCR with some unparliamentarily words and later apologized in a TV show. In fact the Naik was very angry on KCR that he was deceived by him that he could not get the Parliament ticket in the recent elections. He also accused some TSR Party leaders that ticket was sold to someone. Recently he sent a resignation letter to KCR resigning his organizational posts along with the demand of convening State committee meeting to review the debacle of 2009 elections.

Really he is very unsatisfactory with the KCR leadership since elections, after the poor performance it has been more voiced. Mean while Mr. K. Dilip Kumar a close associate of KCR also separated with him and formed a new organization called Telangan Vikas Samithi (TVS). Some couple of days back some district cadre leaders belongs to Nizamabad, Adilabad and Nalgonda leaders also came out of the Party and those were already  suspended by the KCR.

All the leaders who came out from the party has accused that the party has no democracy, but feudalism. Very particularly everyone in the party is asking about his kith and kin role in the party. All this showing that here after KCR may not handle the party in a powerful manner and sometime later it may split once again. In the Executive Committee meeting the Party has resolved and opined that TDP and Communist Parties votes were not transferred, that might be the cause for poor performance.