Tu he tu........
GAYATRI ARORA | 22 Feb 2011

In the heart rose valour as a soaring tide,she conquers the world,with her mighty stride.Since time immemorial such women have been born.Making themselves immortal and giving the world a new dawn.

STAR PLUS' anthem has rightly written which is purely dedicated to women section of the society for giving them tribute.."tu he tu,mamta bhi tu, shamta bhi tu, chanchal bhi tu,.....tu saraswati,kaali bhi tu...tu he tu.

As we all know that,without an engine a train could not run,I am quoting an example to convey the point that Women is just like the Engine to the society,without which society could not be think to run,she is as bright as sun,to which all the planets revolve,She is statue of love,sacrifice,and who is immortal and giving the world a new dawn. she carries immense burdens on her delicate shoulders,making their strife a golden task by showing their bravery in the face of a perfect mother,a dedicated wife and a loving sister. she does her work with all perfection and humility.

She is been compared with Goddess Durga,goddess laxmi,sarswati and laxmi, even during navratre,all the kanyas are being preached..but I am just not able to understand the fact that if where this respect and preach,gone when she is being cursed with various evils,she is being beaten,Why she is forced,from where these molestation,abduction,things occur with this so called respect, why girl child is killed before her birth...????

For centuries the Girl child has been a victim of absurd nations and an object of ridicule and discrimination.A silly and misplaced notion is also prevalent that the family propogates only with a male child.The girl is solely treated as a trust property.

Today we find girls competiting with boys in every sphere-studies,jobs,administration or Politics Sania Mirza,Joshna Chinappa,and Aruna Kesavan, have proved that if the girls are given proper opportunies they can outdo boys in every feild.

The need of the hour is to change the social milieu and force the orthodox people to treat boys and girls equally.We can correct the gender Imbalance by caring for our daughters as much as our sons.Women empowernment is only implemented properly our attitude towards her would be changed. Women is just like the Pillar to the society,and life could not be imagine without her, she is heart when god was creating the world.

he took the longest time to create a women
I think its because...
he had to make...
1-a teacher
2-a friend
3--a nurse
4-a story teller
5-a sister
and so on...