Tweets journey of Kiran Bedi from PM Narendra Modi Opponent to his supporter
Rajni Verma | 16 Jan 2015

In 2012, Anna Hazare, the India social activist led a India-anti corruption movement to bring transparency in governmental system and sweep corruption out of the nation. He conducted hunger strike and joined by known people like Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal etc. The group not only forced UPA government to focus on formation of Jan Lok Pal bill but also make people aware about their economical rights. They were leading a war against Congress government and also highlighted how a decade before government (NDA) also failed in the same.

Anna Hazare who vowed to not to join politics bid goodbye to Arvind Kejriwal who formed a political party Aam Aadami Party and fought legislative assembly elections of 2013. But soon he renounced over his responsibility. Whereas, Hazare's another supporter Kiran Bedi was still with him in the movement.

But in 2015, her perspective toward PM Narendra Modi took a sudden flip and she stepped into the party after which she tweeted

The ex-top cop who was always seems highlighting the involvement of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi in 2002 communal riots named PM Narendra Modi leadership inspirational and forgot to delete her 2013 opposing tweet which said that, "One Day NaMo will need to respond with the clarity about riots massacre. Despite court clearing him so far." Before this, in year 2011 she tweeted , "CM Gujarat has a right to fast for communal harmony. But what if he first planned to reach out to families in need of healing?"

However, she dared to join the person's party whom against she dedicated several tweets. But Congress member Ajay Maken, failed to digest break up-patch up series of these people. Recently, he tweeted a screen-shot of Kiran past tweets with a sarcastic note in which he was attacking Arvind Kejriwal, PM Narednra Modi and Kiran Bedi:

By re-tweeting someone's tweet he has also appreciated that how the people who were once in Anna Hazare's company finally ended up settling their foot in Indian Politics,

In Indian history this is not a first time that people are switching from their profile from common man to politician. The chain of blame game goes on and on. People first oppose and later on support the same person which is actual trait of being true politician in India. Kiran Bedi is not the only one who joined the party, ex-journalist and former member of AAP also joined the league. She also gave her last to the AAP party and joined BJP.