Two-day conference on 'Eco-Investment and Innovations for Inclusive Green Growth' held in Kurukshetra
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 28 Mar 2014

A two-day International Conference (Sponsored by ICSSR) on "Eco - Investment and Innovations for Inclusive Green Growth: Possible Pathways to Eradication of Poverty and Sustainable Development at Haryana's Kururkshetra University on March 25 and 26. The participants of the conference included the Indian and foreign academicians, teachers, researchers, government officials of various concerned departments and agencies.

Various issues related to the topics of eco-investment and innovation in natural capital and green growth; political economy of green growth and sustainable development; green growth, property rights and eradication of poverty; inclusive green growth a way out for sustainable development; modeling, strategies and pathways for green growth and sustainable development; eco-investment, innovation and law; and economic crisis, new opportunities and transition to global economy.

Research papers on Inclusive green growth were presented in different technical sessions.  Dr. Leila Choukroune, Director, Centre de Sciences Humaines, French Embassy and Dr.  Max Jean Zins, Professor, University of Sciences Paris were the keynote speakers for the conference.

In the west the issue of Green growth is being hotly debated and there are moves to bring it the centre-stage of economic development. The concept stands for promoting economic growth by reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions; minimising waste and inefficient use of natural resources, and conserving biodiversity.

According to the www. oecd.org website, Green growth means improving health prospects for populations and strengthening energy security through less dependence on imported fossil fuels. It also means making investment in the environment a driver for economic growth. Green growth will require a shift in both public and private investments, with the limited public funds available carefully targeted and accompanied by the right policy frameworks to help leverage private financing.