Uflex Ltd. Packaging: Ashok Chaturvedi, a visionary first generation business person
ramsingh | 10 Jun 2015

Uflex Ltd. Packaging is one of the largest plastic packaging companies in India providing Packaging Companies in India, Plastic Packaging Companies, Plastic Packaging Manufacturers & BOPET Film Manufacturers solutions.

Ashok Chaturvedi is a visionary first generation business person and start father of versatile cluster of companies. Cluster has interests in stable packaging solutions, biaxial oriented  plastic films, chemicals, engineering, cylinders, optics & Foods. he\'s the chief designer of clusters vision and value-driven business strategy; at a lower place his dynamic leadership the cluster has become a globally recognized player at intervals the versatile packaging trade. What started off with a trifle manufacturing unit in one983 is recently a gaggle with flourishing business ventures with turnover in way more than USD one.5 bn and is concerning for a heavy strategic growth to position itself as a result of the leading business conglomerate of state. to boot to plants within the cluster recently has 9 green field plants in 5 countries outside Asian nation i.e USA, Mexico, Poland, Egypt & port and thus the merchandise of the country unit of measurement sold-out in an exceedingly hundred and twenty countries across the globe. To his customers Ashok has three guarantees – the 3 Q\'s – Quality, quantity & Quickness and leading by example he has imbibed this at intervals the culture of the organization. Economic  process, excellence, modernization, quality and quantum growth unit of measurement his guiding principles. recently Uflex Ltd, the flagship company of the cluster, has evolved into Asian country largest versatile packaging resolution company serving fortune 100 companies not exclusively in Asian nation but globally. Ashok eyes unit of measurement constantly targeted on innovation & worth addition that the market will witness very shortly and that is ready to evolve the versatile packaging solutions to future level.

Ashok Chaturvedi is improbably dependent on the parent's pillar of business and holds a firm belief that it is this pillar that has been polar to the success of Flex tills presently and might take it to future level. He is extraordinarily regarded for his constant stress on ameliorating the lives of people – be it staff, customers, business partners, shareholders or the opposite stakeholders and responsiveness to change and continuous learning. An avid cricket lover he is very dependent on providing education and sports facilities to the underclass youth. His commitment to enhancing the quality of facilities at intervals the country is seen at intervals the promotion of a complicated trendy Cricket Club, and thus the contributions towards the growth of institutions for management studies. Ashok Chaturvedi might be a large traveled individual and contains a durable conviction that every one business leaders of those days have to be compelled to have a worldwide mind-set and outlook. He has been recipient of the various awards & honors.