Uncertain Call
Placida Dsouza | 08 Jan 2019

When a woman finds out first time that she is expecting, her joy and happiness has no limit. It's time for all the imagination, expectation and excitement. Showers of love start pouring from all the side. For some it really does not matter what gender it would be but the woman will hold one more title of 'mom' to her credit which is the most awaited one for all women.

Long wait for nine months the womb is taken care of all its need and pampered like nobody and the D day arrives and we have the results. A child is born – child may be BOY or GIRL, irrelevant it has made the couple a PARENT. The cycle of nine month is monitored by taking care and visiting doctors timely and treating one self with utmost care. So we have the BIRTH DATE…………. Predicted by the doctor sooner or later in the span of 9 months 

Uncertain Call: Death – when, how, what………… full of questions. Nobody has a answer to it. It can be anything and anyhow. Killers are waiting in many ways to trap a happy living soul. How will it come? When will it come? At what age will it come. In current scenario there is no age bar nor status. The call comes and just gets you in trap – in the way of sickness, in an accident, in a incident and if anything besides all this is remaining then ONE commits SUIDICE to keep away from all the disgrace and shame.

Beautiful life, planned by  the creator, given to human by human, in no minutes becomes lifeless for life. Some become victims to situation while some are self responsible.

Why is there no second thought given by a person for his life which is brought in the world after the long process taken up by his mother. Its so easy and so simple for those who do not care for themselves. Saying more about the UNCERTAIN CALL, Life is so critical at every step. Today if I am leaving the house with a smile on my face, the evening is unpredictable, literally unpredictable – whether I meet an accident, or fall from a train, or victim to any calamity or I am a feast to somebody desire for being raped and killed. It goes on and on. To come to BIRTH only one way- womb but there are unlimited ways to lie in a TOMB.