Understanding Bodh Gaya bombings
Amit Srivastava | 09 Jul 2013

Nine blasts rocked Bodh Gaya shrine in Bihar on early hours of Sunday morning. This attack is the first of its kind on any Buddhist site. If India media reports are to be believed then jihadists did it to warn Buddhists authorities in Myanmar against killings of Rohingyas Muslims there.

It does not appear to be the case as if it were the case then the plotters could have tried to cause some damage to the sanctum sanctorum and to the Bodhi tree. They deliberately left many cylinders unexploded. “Bus” word was written in English on one unexploded cylinder, “To protest Iraq war” and “Bada Bu’t; big idol, were written in Urdu on the other two unexploded cylinder. A voting card with the name of one Vinod Mistry was also found in the temple complex.

Let’s try to interpret the evidence and arrive at a clue. ‘Bus’ means enough in Hindustani and what it could mean that enough atrocities have been done on Muslims; of the nation and those of the globe. But it could be misleading. What it means in reality is ‘Bush-H’ implying H removed from the name of former US President George W Bush, the predecessor of Mr. Obama. H here stands for Hindus. What it means is that the plotters considered Bush to be enemy in eternity and but would leave Hindus as people.

But still Indian authorities should be careful as it happened on Indian soil. There is no question of Buddhists in Myanmar reacting to this as unlike Islam, Buddhism varies a lot with region and there may not be equivalent global brotherhood among Buddhists as it is there among Muslims. The fact that it happened in the Hindi spaeking India could also repel Myanmar Buddhists from retaliating against Muslims there.

The other two writing confirms the above fact that it was against Bush, Republicans and Americans in decreasing order of priority as it was Mr. Bush under whose administration the US-led NATO forces invaded Iraq. Now in what follows Iran is supposed to be behind the attack but then one can ask what Iraq war has to do with Iran? The answer is that Iran wants to project itself not only as a major Shiite power but also as a global leader of Islam. Moreover, it is Shiites in Iraq who are getting targeted by Sunnis in Iraq these days. Bada Bu’t means either Rama or Jesus or both. Therefore, the intended threats were targeted at Republicans in particular and Americans in general and in certain weak sense against Hindus as well.

Now look at the other strong evidence: the voter identity card of one Vinod Mistry. Vinod means joke or non-serious. Also though Mistry is a Persian second name, it refers mostly to a lower caste among Hindus. Mistry means mason and in general terms it could mean tinkers, again implying Americans. The identity card should be most likely interpreted as stolen and left deliberately. Therefore, what it could mean is that the attack on Buddhist shrine is almost sham and non-serious. Also, it could be a weak warning to Hindus to deal with Muslims in a better way but it is mostly targeted against Americans. In this regard, it should be observed that Cyrus Mistry; a Parsi, is the Chairman of Tata Group and Taj Palace in Mumbai was attacked during 26/11 terrorist attacks on the city.It should be noted that Mr. Khurshid and his junior in foreign office, Mr. Ahamed, had been there in Middle East in the recent times. Mr. Khurshid was there in Iraq and Mr. Ahamed in Palestine in recent times.

Now let us consider the other details of the attack. Three people were killed in Boston Bombings in April, 2013. April and July both have same dates fall on the same day. 7 July, 2013; the day when attack took place was the last day in office of outgoing Iranian President Mr. Ahmadinejad. Also, the attack took place around 5 to 5: 30 am on 7 July morning as per Indian standard time but it was 6 July American time and on 6 November, 2012, the US Presidential elections took place.  In addition, Mr. Rohani won the elections on 7 June, 2013. The day of attack was Sunday; a universal day for Christians.   

In fission bomb a target neutron gives rise to three neutrons: therefore, nine blasts. These are anyway approximate truths. 13 devices=3 unexploded devices (dead victims of Boston bombings) + 9 blasting devices (neutron produced in chain reaction in fission bombs) + one imaginary or real Iranian bomb targeted on the US. This could be a warning to the US and Iranians might have intended to declare possessing a nuclear bomb or two. The US would not take it. But one thing is certain that if this analysis is correct then the Iranian quest towards the nuclear bombs would not end any time soon despite of a new leader. The world is becoming increasingly complex with each passing year and its citizens need to accept and understand it.