Unisys IT competition for engineering students on innovative ideas
Narendra Ch | 16 Sep 2013

Unisys announced Cloud 20/20 Version 5.0, an information technology competition for engineering students seeking to take their innovative ideas to the next level.

Cloud 20/20, collaboration between Unisys and academia, offers students an opportunity to refine their technical knowledge and marketable skills by working alongside some of the best minds in the IT industry. Over 5,000 entries were accepted last year for this premier IT contest.

This year, Cloud 20/20 focuses on its namesake: cloud computing. As one of the most important shifts in information technology in the last 25 years, cloud computing levels the playing field for small and midsize companies by eliminating capability and capital dependency. Through cloud computing, leading-edge capability can be deployed anywhere to meet global customer demands without investment in physical IT infrastructure.
Unisys Cloud 20/20 V5- India’s largest Demonstrable Student Project of the year Registration closes on 2/October/2013. For more details visit: http://www.app3.unisys.com/common/about__unisys/Cloud20_20V5/index.html


Steps to be followed to participate in the contest:

Step 1:  All student team members need to Register at:  http://utfi.co.in/ as Unisys Technology Forum India  as an individual member

Step 2: One of the team members or designated team leader (maximum four team members and a maximum of two project guides from your college) should register for the contest at : http://utfi.co.in/course/view.php?id=82

Step 3: They need to submit their preliminary project abstract/plan as per given template at: http://utfi.co.in/mod/assignment/view.php?id=513 on or before 2nd/October/2013

Step 4: Need to attend Daily webinars between 6PM-6:30PM by registering at :  https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/189689254 to receive tips from Unisys engineers to succeed in the contest

Step 5: By 10th/ October/2013, selected teams will receive confirmation and will be assigned a Unisys Project guide to work on their project. Successful project teams will participate in the Unisys Cloud 20/20 V5 Grand Finale Event at Bangalore in the last week of February 2014!