Unite for global peace : Lion Madhu Srivastava

Women members of Lions Club of Patna Femina were gathered near the world's largest statue of Mahatma Gandhi for the celebration of the World Peace Day at the Gandhi Maidan in Patna on September 14, 2013.They were wearing white sarees and yellow coloured club jackets. They were also holding symbol of peace -Pegions and white balloons.

Despite the season of scorching summer they gathered there and prayed for unity,global peace and brotherhood.They were very happy during the programme.


White pigeons the symbol of peace through ages and white ballooons were flown on this occasion in the sky.Ln.Praveen Sharma DG, Ln.Dr Vinod Singh,VDG II,Ln.Shikha Sen Sahay (secretary),Ln. Jhuma Banerjee,children and other Ln. members from the district also atttended the function.


We are passing through a bad phase in the world.We are always prone to terrorism and wars as our neighbors can not stay in peace for long and though we are a peaceful country and we are always forced to war.We want peace.Let us unite for global peace and brotherhood.”said Lion Madhu Srivastava the District President of the Lions Club of Patna Femina of Lions Club International,District-322E to only this citizen journalist at Gandhi Maidan in Patna.


If the world is at peace then the money spent ond ammunitions etc could be used in the employment generation for the youth,poverty earadication,women empowerment and sustainable development of the country.”she further added.


After the programme all the participants enjoyed the chilled sweet juice of litchi.They also pledged to keep peace and harmony in the society for the development of the state and the country.