University at Murshidabad: A new milestone in higher education

The social movement for setting up a university at Murshidabad by Faruque Ahmed with other social activists is now successful with the West Bengal government endorsing it and CM Mamata Banerjee, who accepted the memorandum from Faruque Ahmed and finally gave the green signal after Education Minister Partha Chatterjee announced it in the state Assembly on February 27.

There are many other projects already undertaken but the recent announcement of setting up a university at Murshidabad is the new feather in her crown. Murshidabad, with the largest Muslim population, got its first university. The care and concern of the Trinamool government for minority welfare need not be mentioned twice.  It shows how deeply she is committed to the welfare of the minorities.

Finally, the dreams have come true. Kudos to the West Bengal government especially to Faruque Ahmed and other social activists, who taking cue from him constantly demanded a university for Murshidabad, which has the largest Muslim population in the state.

Since the party came to power in the state, various welfare projects have been undertaken for the minorities. Aligarh Muslim University had a centre in Murshidabad but this was not fully satisfying the demand. There are some colleges and engineering institutes but no full-fledged university. The new university will promote minority education and encourage them for higher education although in general it will serve the broader purpose of higher education like Aligarh Muslim University.

At a time when the minority is in fear all over India , in West Bengal too the BJP RSS activists are trying to demolish the edifice of secularism by even rewriting history , the West Bengal government along with all secular minded people from all over India have been giving strong resistance to the fundamentalists. Trinamul Supremo and West Bengal CM always fights tooth and nail against the fundamental hindutva policies of the BJP government - their focus on the lynching of  beef-eaters. Even on the Christians  attacks have been constantly organised all over the country and the intellectuals who protested against all these communal policies have been harassed and killed against which Mamata Banerjee has always been vocal. She finally came out to work for the cause of minority education. There are many other projects already undertaken but the recent announcement of setting up a university at Murshidabad is the new feather in her crown. It shows how deeply she is committed to the welfare of the minority people. Twoyears ago November 26 , 2015  at a  Jamiat Rally West Bengal CM pledged to work for the minorities and in that meeting Siddiquallah Chowdhury , general secretary of the Bengal Unit  praised Mamata Banerjee for her welfare projects  taken for the good of the muslims. Compared to the  earlier Left Front government which used the minorities for enlarging its vote bank and did not do much ,  the Trinamul led government is doing a lot for the amelioration of the muslims. In this rally Faruque Ahmed , Editor and renowned social activist cum publisher 'Udar Akash :  A Research Journal 'and and a social activist  gave a timely suggestion for setting up a University in the heritage district of Murshidabad  which has the highest muslim population. Obviously it will fetch more muslim support . The proposal for building a secular India in a special issue of Udar Akash was given to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in a formal way from Berhampore on December 27 ,2015 in presence of the then Mayor  Shovan Chattopadhyay by Faruque Ahmed and also  Siddiqulla (see Image) .Earlier a memorandum was passed and signed  by Dr. Madhu Mitra ,Dr. Indradeep Ghosh  WBCUPA leaders  and Faruque Ahmed. It needs to be mentioned here that Faruque Ahmed who is now the Deputy Director of Distance Education of Kalyani University has been trying to organise social movement for the university in Murshidabad since 2007.After 2011 when the Left Front was ousted from power in the state the fight for the cause of minority welfare got a booster.  He along with others appealed for opening Kaji Najrul Islam University in Churulia and a university is already established there. The announcement for Murshidabad University came on February 27 when Education Minister Partha Chatterjee finally passed  the proposal in the assembly and made the long aspired dream a reality. This will brighten the picture of Higher education brighter and of course will help general scenario of higher education in the state.

Very recently one MLA Rabi Ranjan Mukhopadhyay was trying to misguide the people saying that  the scenario of Higher Education in West Bengal is not bright . But the Education Minister Partha Chatterjee rightly countered such misguiding report and gave the correct picture of higher education in West Bengal. Everyone knows what Mamata Banerjee has done with the Kanyasree Prakalpa which is now emulated by the Cenral The West Bengal Government  has already increased the scholarship in Higher education from 45 crore to 200 crore in spite of its limited resources.In the meantime 11 State Universities   have been established. 92 colleges  have been NAAC accredited. Last Wednesday finally the dream of opening a new university in West Bengal is coming true and the long struggle of social activists like Faruque Ahmed and others has finally become successful.