UNO- Declare 'Vedantists" as "Endangered Culture"
Capt (IN) J.K. Sharma | 18 Dec 2013

I will use the word 'Vedantists' to ascribe humanity which lived in this part of the world pre-invasions by external cultures and forces. I will not use the foreign origin word 'Hindu'.

The Vedantist knew his power and therefore they had the doctrine to raise arms only to protect lives and not to kill for "Pleasure or Power" .

The Vedantists were at peace within self and the environment around them. They also knew that each person was empowered to make free choices. Therefore, they never felt the need to spread their ' Beliefs, Thought or Wisdom' through the barrel of Gun or inducements.

However, over the period of centuries of subjugation, they have not only lost their culture but have lost their 'Self Belief'. They are now ever so ready to toe the line of anyone who wields 'Power'. 

They are talked of as Majority by powers that be, but not for once they have exhibited their 'Majority'. In real sense, the segment which controls the mind set of Law-makers is the real majority, because that matters for they are the En-Block Vote Bank ... albeit the real "Majority". ....T

he Call for "Back to Vedas" has also died down in 175 years.....If the visionaries believe in 'One World- One Mankind" , then it will be in the interest of the whole World and humanity that UNO declares "Vedantists' as "Endangered Culture"... which must be protected at all costs so as to achieve the objective of "One World- One Mankind".... Within this Country no one has power and vision to accomplish that.